How to get your continuing education done – without paying anything

Most (if not all) states require nurses to complete continuing education (CE)’s every two years. In Kansas, all 30 required hours can be completed online, as long as the course has been approved by any state board of nursing. In my ten years since graduation, I haven’t paid anything for my CE’s. There are many online sources for free nursing ceu’s, so spend a few minutes on google and save yourself some money!  The only negative is that you’ll have to create accounts on a bunch of different websites– so definitely use your junk email account if you have one. Also, the CDC site can be tricky, but stick with it because some of their courses knock a lot of those hours out at once.

Here are some courses I took this year:

Any courses here that have CE listed –

Asthma Management & Education  – 7 hours –  CDC

Interactive core curriculum on Tuberculosis: What the clinician should know – CDC – 3.8 hours

Application and Integration of Non-pharmaceutical Interventions (NPIs) into Pre-Pandemic Influenza Planning, Preparedness, and Response  – CDC – 1.5 hours

Gynecologic Cancer Educational Modules for Health Care Professionals – CDC 1.3 hours (but Kansas only counts partial hours if they’re .5)

Immunization- you call the shots- Module 9 – Tdap-  CDC 1.0 hour

Stop the Clot – CDC – 2.4 hours

The Story of Health- Asthma- Brett’s Story – CDC – 2.0 hours

Beetroot juice & Dietary Nitrates- – 1.0 hour 

The future of nursing report- – 1.0 hour

Managed care- 1.0 hour

Staying cool under fire- – 1.0 hour

The NIH Stroke scale – – 1.0 hour

Fueling for exercise and recovery- – 1.0 hour

Environmental health- Arizona Center for Integrative Medicine – 6.0 hours

Caring for People with Vision Loss – – 2.0 hours

Effective treatment for opoid use disorders – American Psych. nurses assoc.- 1.25 hours

*Free continuing education for nurses (Free CEU’s)


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