I hate GoFundMe pages for medical expenses. I see them on my Facebook feed all the time, and try to avoid clicking on them. My problem isn’t with the people asking for money, it’s with the fact that they need to ask for money for healthcare in the first place. It breaks my heart that people are basically begging for their lives, dependent on strangers to help them get the care they so desperately need. I wish our system wasn’t set up this way. I wish hospitals didn’t charge $20 for a $0.10 vial of normal saline. I wish patients didn’t sue doctors and hospitals for accidents, causing the cost of care for everyone else to skyrocket. We need to fix this system. We need all the GoFundMe pages to be college kids wanting to travel the world, not fathers wanting to pick up their children again. But until this happens, I’ll just have to cry a little and pray for the patients, like this one, every time I forget to look away in time.



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