To the women on The View– from a nurse

Dear women on The View,

When I heard your ignorant comments about nurses, my first thought was, “If they were my patients, I would….”

But before any actual thoughts of revenge crossed my mind, I realized that I would treat you like I treat every other patient who underestimates my role—with respect, compassion, and dignity.

The truth is, this is how every single nurse would treat you. Because that is what we do—care for ALL people, regardless of the respect we’re shown back.

Some patients think we’re nothing more than waitresses—but this is probably because we feed them when they’re too weak to eat on their own.

Some think we’re bathroom attendants—because even though we haven’t had a bathroom break in twelve hours, we’ll be there to help them to the restroom.  Even if it’s the sixth time.

Some think we’re therapists—no matter how busy we are, we take the time to hear what our patients have to say.

Some think we’re maids –we keep our patients and their room as clean as possible to prevent infection.

Others think we’re superheroes-  but those are usually our pediatric patients. (Psst… they’re right.)

But the only misperception that truly bothers me is when people believe that nurses do nothing more than take vital signs and pass out medication. Although I hate to admit it, I used to be one of those people. I knew that nurses helped their patients, but I didn’t understand even 1/100th of their importance. This is apparently where your understanding is as well.

I was only five minutes into my first day of school when I realized how wrong I’d been. I can easily forgive you for your comments since you haven’t had a chance to see what being a nurse is really about. I encourage you spend even just an hour shadowing a nurse, and I bet that you’d instantly issue a heartfelt apology to all nurses—not to save your show’s ratings, but because you would truly understand.


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