Nurse Mom

I had a very sheltered childhood. My mom was a former nun and my dad was a pediatrician, so everything I wanted to do was either morally wrong or dangerous. I always swore I’d do things differently, but have recently started to notice the effect that my nursing career is having on my own daughter…

~ Last week, Samantha insisted on taking my CPR mannequin to the park in her toy stroller. This was the first time none of the other kids tried to steal her “baby”–  probably because he’s nothing more than an upper torso with an open mouth.

~ A boy told Samantha that she shouldn’t try to cross the monkey bars because she would fall and bump her head. She replied, “Nope. I’d fall and fracture my radius.”

~ When Samantha’s friend, Kaitlyn, came over for the first time, her mom told me she was allergic to peanuts. I instinctively replied, “I’ll grab her an allergy band.”

~ Samantha was at the park with her dad when a man in his forties rode by on a scooter. The man wiped out and hit his head, hard, on the pavement. Once he was sure the man was okay, my husband pretended not to have noticed the fall. But my precious just-turned-three-year-old shouted, “That’s why you should always wear your helmet!”

~ From working in a pediatric ER, I know exactly what happens to newborns (less than 2 months old) who get a fever. It’s horrible. Because of this, our ONLY visitors until our children were three months old were their grandparents, who practically had to bathe in sanitizer before being allowed in the house. In those first few months, our kids didn’t even go to the grocery store or meet their cousins or other relatives. Overkill? Probably. But considering that the flu and other illnesses are highly contagious before you even have symptoms, we felt it was worth a few months of isolation.   Now, when we’re out somewhere and I see someone with a newborn in public, I do everything I can to keep my kids as far away from them as possible. I don’t want Samantha’s sudden sneeze to cause a stranger’s baby to have a needle in his spine.  Poor Samantha probably thinks I’m keeping her safe from the babies, and will possibly develop a phobia of strollers.


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