Sleep deprivation

After working night shift for several years, I thought I’d be able to effortlessly handle the sleep deprivation that comes from having an infant. I was wrong.

Although I can’t stand the idea of hunting, I took my two year old to Bass Pro Shop to see Santa last week. The store is huge, with a waterfall in the middle that flows into a large fish tank. The walls are lined with taxidermied deer heads, and while Samantha watched the fish, I looked from deer to deer. I felt terrible for them– did they know they were about to die to be hung on a wall? Did they have friends who missed them?  My gaze moved on to the taxidermied geese hanging from the ceiling. Those poor geese! Were they shot down while flying, or killed at close range? Next to the fish tank were two stuffed coyotes. Aww..  coyotes are so similar to dogs, and dogs are such loyal animals! There was a hunter posed near the coyotes, his thick fur hat partially hiding his face. That poor man! Did he have kids and a family?

I shook my head and grabbed Samantha’s hand, guiding her towards Santa’s Village. We’d only made it a few steps when I froze and looked back at the taxidermied hunter. It was, of course, a mannequin. How had I not realized that before? And most importantly, how could my brain just accept the fact that it thought there was a stuffed human standing in the middle of a store?

I need a nap.


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