Reasons nursing school is worth it:

1. You get to wear scrubs to school. Scrubs! The only thing more comfortable would be pajamas.

2. It prepares you to be a parent. Not because you learn how to diagnose and treat common childhood ailments, but because you learn how to function effectively on little to no sleep.

3. It will provide you with the opportunity to diagnose yourself with countless conditions. Don’t worry, 97% of the time, you’ll be wrong. The other 3%? They’ll come from your psych classes.

4. You’ll rediscover your childhood sense of humor (if you ever lost it). If you can’t laugh at farts and poop, you won’t survive.

5. You’ll make lifelong friends. You’ll think they’re crazy, until one day you realize that your mutual insanity is what makes the bond between you so strong.

6. Your non-medical friends and family will LOVE how you’re able to point out every inaccuracy on medical TV shows.

7. Gory movies will no longer bother you. That zombie tearing through someone’s carotid can’t compete with the abscess drainage you assisted with this morning.

8. Getting shots won’t bother you anymore. Not because being a nursing student somehow dulls your sense of pain, but because it’ll actually be a relief to be on the other end of the needle for once.

9. You’ll be prepared for anything. Well, until your first patient codes on you and you won’t even remember how to open the ambu bag. But don’t worry, it WILL come back to you. Just remember to breathe (between the cursing).

10. In the end, you’ll be a registered nurse. And NOTHING beats that.

4 thoughts on “Reasons nursing school is worth it:

  1. I just have to say, your post is so spot on that I can’t even express how much I love and agree with this. I’m currently in nursing school (and blog about my ups and downs and moments of insanity). I just started though, so nothing major has happened… yet.

    Your post reminds me of something I saw once that couldn’t be more true. “Nursing friendships: one person holding the butt cheeks apart while the other one wipes.”

    I look forward to reading more! P.S. Your daughter is adorable.


  2. I can’t tell you how much I enjoyed that the top reason to go to nursing school was the scrubs! I admit I was one of this people who wore pajamas out in public way longer than I should.

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