Signs you’re becoming a nurse

1. You enter a restroom and the person before you forgot to flush. Instead of thinking, “EWWW..”, you think, “Semi-formed large BM…”
2. You start rating everything on a scale from 1 to 10.
3. When someone farts, you almost start cheering.
4. Grey’s Anatomy isn’t fun to watch anymore. You just spent all day at a hospital, why would you want to watch other people in a hospital?
5. When hanging out with friends, you start noticing how good their veins are, and deciding which vein you would start an IV on.
6. You realize you walk twice as fast now.
7. You start diagnosing strangers with medical conditions. “That woman has really big eyes- she had better see a doctor about her hyperthyroidism.”
8. When you are asked, “How was your day?” you respond, “How was YOUR day?” to avoid talking about it.
9. People start showing you their moles or ask you to look at their tonsils.
10. People in your life are now much more comfortable telling you very personal things, and you aren’t embarrassed by it.
11. You are allowed to say “SOB” to your boss. (shortness of breath)
12. You can recite all the normal serum lab values, but forget your own phone number.
13. You begin to appreciate the little things in life, such as being able to breathe.
14. When driving, instead of humming a song in your head, you are humming the respirator alarm signal. “do do de da da”

4 thoughts on “Signs you’re becoming a nurse

  1. HA! I totally agree with you on #4 Greys Anatomy. My friends would always want to have a girls night in and watch Greys on Thursdays but I’m always the downer and decline. Why in the world would I want to dedicate another hour of my life on a mock medical show? Only nurses would understand! And yes, all my friends ask if I can stitch their wounds or write prescriptions all the time. It’s hard to escape my profession – I should just pretend I’m a teacher or chef or something.

  2. This is great! Things don’t gross you out anymore as you just want to assess and take note of it rather than think about what it actually is. I used to like Grey’s anatomy until working at a teaching hospital, enough said! Hey Male RN Student!

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