Pharmacology site is up and running!

I was unable to find the pharmacology files my classmates and I made in nursing school, but did find my printed copies of those files. I have scanned them and they are posted for you nursing students here:



8 thoughts on “Pharmacology site is up and running!

  1. As there any way you can email me the files. These will be great to study for my pharmacology test I have to retake this week

  2. I stumbled across your site last night. I’m coming off of spring break in my first semester in an accelerated nursing program at MGH in Boston. I get so nervous about clinical and last night I decided to google “Is it weird for me to dread going to clinical?” and your site popped up. I’m so glad it did because it has already made me laugh, tear up and feel better in general about my decision to become a nurse. I will DEFINITELY buy a book if you get published…your writing is so enjoyable! Thank you!

  3. Im a nursing student and i would love to read this book if you really do ever publish it email me i will buy it definitely!

  4. I am a PN student in Boston, and need to know LOTS more, especially on pharmacology. Thank you SO much.I’ll buy your book, e-mail me.

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