May I have your attention….

Christmas dinner was held at my sister-in-law’s house this year. She did an amazing job with the decorations and the food, and everything seemed perfect. She has two adorable sons, and the younger one just finished potty-training. As we were sitting at the table eating, the older son Joey got up to go the the restroom. Soon after he closed the door, it flew back open and Joey stood there with a huge grin across his face. No one said anything to him and we kept talking and eating. After standing in the doorway unnoticed for a few seconds, Joey shouted, "May I have your attention please! There is poop on the bathroom floor!" Unsure of the socially correct thing to do, everyone continued talking and ignored Joey. Not satisfied with the response, Joey repeated his announcement. Still nothing. In a high-pitched whiny voice, Joey added, "It’s real live poop, I promise."
Christmas memories……

7 thoughts on “May I have your attention….

  1. What a happy family!I am Chinese, in our country, the Spring Festival is approaching, and bless all of us now!Happy New Year!

  2. HA! Way to go Joey. I too would like to annouce a poop like that one day. Attenion bloggers..I just pooped, there will be give aways on isle 12, thank you! What is Christmas without a good poop story. I mean..would it be Christmas without a little POOP? LOL!I LOVE IT. Way to go Mike..those are your nephews..therefore..they come from your genes! NICE!!!

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