Garage sale treasures

I should have braced myself for something awful the second Mike said
the words, "You are not going to believe what I got for FREE at a
garage sale down the street!" I knew the excitement was probably over
some random piece of junk, but wasn’t prepared for what Mike had
sitting in our living room:

got a free step-stool!" he said, sitting down on his amazing find.  I
would have immediately informed him that an elderly person was probably
recently sitting on his "step-stool" completely naked and possibly even
going to the bathroom, but I was laughing so hard that all I could say
was, "Great!"
Husbands. Gotta love them, right?

8 thoughts on “Garage sale treasures

  1. LOL I love it, we need some more of those at work. It would be helpful. Have fun with your new step stool! LOL LOL LOLRachel Taylor

  2. Mike, Mike, Mike….(hangs head low and is shaking it) You are a very sheltered boy. So very sheltered. LOL! HAHAHA!!! Uh..if your gonna keep that might want to buy some serious commerical grade disinfectant. I\’m not sayin..I\’m just sayin. OH BOY! That\’s funny!

  3. OMG that\’s so funny. The sellers must have roared when he said he was buying a step stool they probably felt sorry for him and gave it to him free. Thanks for the early morning laugh. ~Gypsy

  4. Hello? Hello? (hears the sound of chirping crikets) Just wanted to check in with you. Make sure everything is going alright. I see that you have a new niece is that correct? How exciting if so and congrats!

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