The Wedding

Click on the link on the right to see our wedding pictures!


14 thoughts on “The Wedding

  1. Congratulations Katie!   You guys look beautiful and it certainly looks like a dream come true! Many Congratulations and best wishes for a long life together! Looking forward to seeing the pics!

  2. Congratulations, Katie!!!!!!! I can\’t believe it! It certainly looks like it was beautiful! You looked amazing in that dress!! Happiness and love between you always! I can\’t wait to see the pictures! And were Isis and Skitzo happy, too??  I know it\’s been quite a long wait.. so I\’m happy to see it\’s here… Congratulations to Mike, too!!

  3. Congratulations! I\’m so happy for you, what a beautiful place to have your wedding, you look gorgeous 🙂

  4. KATIE!!!! OH MY GOODNESS!!!  CONGRATULATIONS!!! I am so happy for you! That is so exciting and wonderful! You look beautiful! Thank you so much for sharing! I hope we get to see a taste of the professional pics from those AWESOME photographers you had!

  5. Congratulations on your marriage. Came across your blog today. Love your stories. The humor in nursing does seem to help us get through the day. ~Gypsy

  6. This is wonderful, congratulations! Gees, if I wasn\’t already married myself I would be jealous. You two make a beautiful couple, and I wish you a very rich and rewarding life together — you\’ll see, it becomes deeper than you can even imagine, and that\’s the treasure I wish for you. — Abe

  7. Congratulations!  You look absolutely beautiful in the photos you shared.  I can\’t believe you actually got in the water!  You have more guts that I would in that gorgeous dress!

  8.      Hey Hey Hey,
       /// KATIE///n///Mike///  OH GQQD-4-U-2- "CONGRATULATIONS" To Both,after all a marriage take two,a man an a woman evenly committed to each other,an I hope they feel the bond pull them tighter together with everynew day they inhale God air.  And Mike after 42 years goes by, the days really start to fly by,you will find yourself with haft the stuff left  undone.I just don\’t find the time like i used to.But in 42 years it has only gotten better every day.and really I wish you the same happiness

  9. hey guyz u look really happy. and a wedding at  the beach that was a great idea hope u have a great and happy life together.

  10. Beautiful pics.  I never married but if I had I had always planned it to be at the ocean or on top of one of the many mountains in my area.  I lived in Ft. Lauderdale a short time and visited it often.  Wish you both all the best and many years of togetherness.

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