My Prince Charming

We were on our way home from a nice dinner and I started having a mini "I’m getting married soon" freak-out. To calm myself down, I began thinking about how perfect Mike is. He’s sweet, loving, cute, and an overall great guy. By the time we pulled into the driveway and got out of the car, I was excited again about getting married. I smiled at Mike as we walked towards the house. But before we made it to the porch, I felt an awful sensation: a spider web stuck to my face. As I frantically began to rip the web off, I noticed a large spider on my stomach. Now, I have a strict no-kill policy when it comes to bugs, and I consider myself to be a tomboy, which is why I cannot explain or account for the sounds that I started making or the actions of my body. I let out a high-pitched scream as my arms, without my brain telling them to, began to hit at my stomach. "Get it off me!" I desperately screamed to Mike. I kept hitting myself and kicking my legs (I’m not sure how that was supposed to help get the spider off) when I noticed that Mike was not coming to my aid. I managed to temporarily regain control of my limbs and ran towards him. That’s when he did the unimaginable… he ran away from me. With one well-placed swat I finally managed to get the spider off myself, and I sprinted into the house. "Why didn’t you help me?!" I screamed at my soon-to-be husband. "Because it was dark out and I didn’t want to get the spider on myself," he replied. Well, at least he’s cute.

13 thoughts on “My Prince Charming

  1. Katie! You posted! YIPPIE SKIPPY!!!
    That is funny! You are funny! I can\’t believe he ran! This man is suppose to be your protector and here he is running from a spider! That is funny!!!!
    I consider myself a tomboy as well. Especially since building this house. I do man things that you would not believe! It freaks my girly friends out! Anyway..we are living in our 5th wheel camper. Of course the bottom is open to the ground so mice can get under the trailer. Well a few of the little vermin have made into the trailer. Alan set traps and I totally forgot about them. I went to get a pan out of the cabinet to make dinner, I grabbed the pan, shut the cabinet door and paused..did I just see something..Oh My..there is a trap in there..something is in that trap. I slowly opened up the cabinet door got a peak at a tail sill moving by the way and took off screaming out of the trailer as fast as I could towards the house we are building where Alan was. I only had my socks on.  I ran into the big house screaming at Alan..HE GOT ONE..THERE ONE IN THERE..OMG! OMG! I looked and felt like I was having seizures. I  too like you could not control my limbs! I had the eebie jeebies (sp) all night long and could barely eat that night. I kept picturing the peas as internal organs of the mouse, thinking there was blood in my cherry kool aid! I was and still freak out!  Creeps me out!

  2. Hi Katie! It\’s always nice to see a post from you! I guess if your man ever gets a spider on him, you\’ll be able to difuse the situation! Hehe!
    Much luck with the wedding planning!

  3. OMG that\’s too funny.  Hubby and the dogs are wondering why I\’m laughing.  And I can\’t stop laughing to tell him.  I\’m glad to see you posting again.  Good luck with the wedding planning!
    Oh, and the "I\’m getting married!" freak out thing.  Happened to me too.  On my wedding day.  Two hours before the ceremony.  Yea, I went through with the wedding and it\’s been the smartest thing I ever did. 

  4. I know the situation was funny, but looking below the surface, his first concern should have been to protect you and take care of you no matter what.  In my experience that does not sound like a man I would marry any time soon. Sorry!

  5. OH MY GOD!!!  And i thought those things only happend to me!!! LOL Thanks for sharing its good to know i have a twin out there…M  🙂

  6. My darling hubby of thirty years has never been squeamish about insect life…………..but let me start talking about decubiti or suctioning traches, and watch him run for cover! (Did I mention that he\’s  also a reflex barfer? How he ever survived fatherhood is beyond me!)
    Loved the dinosaur story………………..peds patients can be a real day-brightener.

  7. You\’ve got great sense of humor!))) Every time I do that when I see a spider, my husband just has to say "ok, let me get it off of you", and as I start feeling the relief of being rescued, he says, "so that I can put it down your shirt!" At least then, I can run away from him)))

  8. how very unchivalrous of him but then i guess we can\’t have it all after all he is romantic to agree to get married on a are a favored young lady.

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