The end of the spider-catching cup

As some of you already know, I have issues with killing insects. I just can’t do it. I always have to catch them in a cup and bring them outside. Recently I learned an important lesson- never attempt to catch a spider on popcorn ceiling. The cup won’t lay flat against the ceiling and bad things can happen….

18 thoughts on “The end of the spider-catching cup

  1. LOL! I have no problem SMASHING them. ICK!
    I totally agree about Dallas drivers. When I lived in OK, we used to drive down that way a lot to visit my sister and/or brother. I hated driving in that. The people were maniacs! I\’d never want to live there just based on how difficult it is to drive there.

  2. That was hilarious! So you got your "extra" place, too! Good luck with the spider! They have a little battery powered tube you can suck insects into and then take them outside..I\’ll get you the information on it!lol

  3. i don\’t like to kill them either…but sometimes they scare me and i do…
    :o) smiles are contagious…pass one to people that you love and those you don\’t… :o)

  4. Ok, I watched the video and I react the same way even when I\’m squishing them! Watching me try and work up the courage to squish a spider is absolutely rediculous.

    They\’re SO CREEPY!

  5. Oh my gosh, I would have peed my pants!  That\’s a riot Katie!  **Are you okay?** I hope you didin\’t hurt yourself when you fell!  That little spider had no respect for the fact that you were going to free him so next time….SQUASH HIM!!!!!

  6. Run, Katie… RUN!!!  *whew*  That was scarier than the bats at Carlsbad Caverns.  (BTW: CS does cover his mouth, and then picks his nose. 😛 )

  7. I am scared to death of spiders!  I would rather be knee-deep in snakes than have one little spider on me.  When that spider came racing towards you – I held my breath.  I think you are such a good, kind person.  I just can\’t do it.

  8. I hope you got the spider, but that video totally made my day.  Next time just squash it.  It\’s in your territory, it\’s okay to kill it.  My rule of thumb has always been, once they are in my living space, we\’re done….we cannot coexist in the same space, one of us has to go and it\’s not going to be me.  If you have any anger it\’s a great tool for killing bugs.  If you can "take" the bug, go for it.  I used to be afraid of crickets when I was little, now I just use all my strength to kill them.  The only bugs I\’m afraid of are huge beetles and cicadas, they are huge, make lots of noise, and are a mess to clean up.  Get \’em next time Katie.

  9. OMG, I\’m so sorry to admit that I played your video so many times and laughed hysterically!!!!  You made my night of careplans so much better, thanks!!!!  Next time a spider comes along, smash it!  I do now that they seem to have invaded my house!  Ewwweee!
    😉  Eve

  10. I still  have not figured out if you missed your calling in comedy. should write a book or screen play or something. I am going to say this as politely as I can..but..I COULD LAUGH AT YOU ALL DAY LONG!
    So I am a married woman! I hate his mother and wish her to die in a very painful way. You can read my wedding blog. Sorry it is so boring…the story just did not want to come out!! I bored myself with it!
    I have plenty of hydrocone you may have. I thankfully will not be attending Thanksgiving with his family. If I had to that close to the wedding I would need it to posion my monster in law. Sorry I just made you an accesory to murder! You may have as many of my pills as needed since they stopped working after the third day..All they did was make me feel FLUFFY, FRUITY, FUNNY, FLIPPY, FLOPPY, FUNKY, FU FUEY and any other word you might come up with that starts with the letter F. This story was brought to you today by the letter F.
    I hope your having a good week. It sounds as if you have had some tough and trying times this past week.

  11. OOoooh, I can\’t read about new babies and the ER…  :S  Spiders are much better reading material!  😀  Squish away!

  12. Katie that video is hilarious!!  I wouldn\’t feel too bad about your "reaction" though, my wife would probably do the same thing.  Spiders are her mortal enemy, so I have filled the slot of Official Spider Killer in our house.  Our cat is good at finding them but then doesnt know what to do with them.  We live in Arizona and although tarantula live here we have never seen one. But if my wife ever does, I am sure we would be on the next bus out of town! ha ha. 🙂  DustinDesert Imaging

  13. You\’re too much like me.  Catch and release.  Did you have to change your underpants when you were done?  Great video.  Think I wore out the "play" button!!

  14. SPiders and me – lets just say my case of arachnophobia is pretty advanced. Hope everyoen involved survived the encounter 🙂 Be well,

  15. Katie,
    you\’re so nice to these multi-legged, disgusting creatures.  I have no problem killing spiders or any other bug–yuk!  Maybe I should stop though because it may be bad karma????

  16. ok, got up the nerve to watch it, after reading the comments first, lol, imagine if the spider had his homies video taping the human trying to catch it, looks like it won, hehehe, hugs, Kat

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