Isis, my little angel

One important lesson I have learned so far about children is that even the sweetest and cutest child can turn into a little monster when they don’t want to do something. Whether they are scared and don’t want an IV started or they don’t want to take their medicine, I have been shocked by how quickly they can flip their switch and go from talking about Ariel to kicking, screaming and spitting. The parents are usually embarrassed and upset when their child starts behaving this way. I never understood what they were going through until I took my little angel Isis to the vet last week. I knew she had a UTI, so after a lot of drama collecting a urine sample from her, I called around to find a vet to do a urinary analysis on it. None of them would do the simple test without seeing Isis first. I made an appointment and brought her in. Trips to the vet are never fun, especially for the vet. I put Isis up on the table and the vet tech walked in the room. Isis immediately warmed up to her, rubbing up against her and purring like crazy. "I need to take her to the back to weigh her and take her temperature," the tech told me. I replied that I was ok with that, but that Isis was just putting on an act and that she has a quick left hook. The tech smiled and said, "No, she’s a sweetheart, aren’t you Isis?" She picked Isis up and the moment the door closed behind her, I heard that awful high-pitched ear-shattering cry that cats can only do when they are extremely ticked off. This screaming and crying went on for at least five minutes. I sat there in the room embarrassed and wanting to cry. My poor baby was being tortured by that mean tech who was trying to take her temperature, and everyone in that office could hear her screaming. When the tech finally returned with Isis, she said, "Well, I don’t need her temperature that badly… "    I think I’ll try that sometime at work- "Sorry doc, I didn’t give Tommy his shot because he started crying and made a nasty face at me." I bet that will go over smoothly!

11 thoughts on “Isis, my little angel

  1. Oh Katie,
    If it were only that easy, I would LOVE pediatrics!  If a kid started to cry and I could just bow out of whatever task I was assigned to do, that would be great!  🙂  I\’d rather hug them and kiss them than poke them with needles!  I am getting better about taking care of kids though… I had THREE peds patients the other night and only made ONE of them cry!  I have always steered clear of kiddoes.  They scare me to death!
    You asked about my ER… Our fasttrack patients are seen by PAs.  They perform the suturing and take care of the low-complexity patients.  The PAs are overseen by the ER doc and have their own nurse.  The rest of us work in "the back" with the ED doc and take care of the more life/limb patients.
    Thanks for your kind words… my day got better as it went on.  🙂
    Have a great night!

  2. awe, Poor Isis. Is she better now? my Angel kitty used to get those infections, so not fun, any vet or tech who makes my kitty scream though is not doing the job proper. One screech from my cat, they won\’t see us a second time. hugs, and pats for Isis. Kat

  3. How funny!  Poor Isis. 
    The same thing happened to me and Asher last Friday.  I took him to the vet for his yearly checkup and he was perfect for the tech but when the vet came in all hell broke loose.  He spat, hissed, growled, swatted, and puffed up the whole time!  His ears were flat against his head and he never once took his eyes off the vet.  The vet even almost tripped over his own feet trying to get away from Asher when he swatted and spat!  I was so embarassed!  The vet eventually gave up and told us to come back in a week and he gave me some tranquilizers to give Asher!  He is never that bad at the vet.  I don\’t know what was wrong with him.  You should try that method at work sometime!  LOL.

  4. Ha!  Scooter does NOT like having his temperature taken rectally–that\’s a lot of information, I know, but…  You know…  The last doctor\’s visit incorporated a forehead band–sheer genious!  🙂  We have a doctor\’s appointment for his 18-month check up–maybe I"ll have more news for you then…  😀

  5. *Manny puts a paw on Isis shoulder because he knows what its like*  Luckily Manny gets too freaked out that he pretty much gives up and let the vet do whatever they need to do.  The vet even called Manny a "complete gentleman"!! 
    I agree with Kristen…you should borrow some of Asher\’s traqulizers for work.  Hehe.

  6. Poor Katie.  Poor Isis.  I\’ve been in that boat and it\’s always embarassing when the four legged kids act up at the doctor\’s office.  My Tigger kitty was the sweetest kitty alive, but gave the vet a left hook once and snagged the vet\’s nose.  But I agree with Kadrin . . . if they are gentle and know what they are doing, the kitty won\’t object to being examined.  Tigger ended up with a major blockage and never complained a bit with all the poking, proding, and tests.  The difference was the vet and the vet tech that took care of him. Hope Isis is doing better. 

  7. Poor Isis! Sounds like Sis….Bro and Magic are "pissed but congenial" at the didn\’t say…how was Isis? Are you now having to give meds? Hint..pill giver..don\’t know what the technical name would be, but it kind of "smooths" the pill to the back of the throat…wonderful invention..we need to use it on kids.
    I know the frustration with kids changing like that..all I can say is eventually you get used to it and can prepare for it…I start to catch them before they even move, now!

  8. Awwww poor Isis.  I\’ve had a similar experience with one of mine.  You just want to run back there and yell "WHAT ARE YOU DOING???!??!"  Good grief.  Sorry she had such a rough time.  I\’m sure they\’re used to dealing with "misbehaved" fur children all the time, anyway. 
    Hope you\’re having a great Friday!  TGIF!  God bless 🙂

  9. I am so sorry that you have not been able to access my site very well. I wonder what could be causing that? I wonder if other people have trouble accessing my site? Hmmmm??
    Is\’nt amazing how fast animals can just flip like that. One minute your being loved on and next your preparing for battle. That is very funny about Isis! My dog Genghis would be sweet as pie till I got him to my car..but when it came time for me to pick him up and put him in it..he would bite. I always had to throw a sheet over him and then pick him up..and I would still get bit sometimes!  Or I can be petting on of my horses or brushing one..and it will just turn around and take a chunk out of me! That is the way they play..but crikey it hurts!!
    Thank you for you warm comments about my pictures. I have exactly a week left and I am a ball of nerves and ready to book the next flight to Fuiji!
    Have a great weekend!

  10. I had a cat like that.  We actually had to give him medication before he went to the vet.  He was the sweetest cat alive at home but once he hit that vet\’s office… what a terror. 

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