The joy of stubborn animals

The day after my NCLEX, when I was more stressed than I have been in years, Isis left me a wonderful surprise on the carpet right next to her litter box. She peed on it, twice. Some of you non-cat owners out there might not know this, but the smell of cat urine is extremely difficult to get out of carpet. I wanted to kill the little ball of fur. But I stayed calm and spent three hours cleaning it up. Five boxes of baking soda and two ruined towels later, the smell was gone. I had to accept the blame for the incident because I had been sick and stressed, and had not been giving her the attention she deserved. Plus, when I get stressed, so does she, so I can imagine what she was going through. I forgave her, Mike forgave her (he had no choice in the matter) and we moved on. I got home from work last night and there she was, "digging" on the carpet trying to bury her fresh new urine. "You can’t bury your urine because you just peed on my carpet!!!" I screamed at her, knowing full well she probably only understood half of the words I was yelling. She ran and hid under the bed and knew to stay there for at least an hour. Things have been great here- I have been working a lot, but Mike has even been playing with her, so this is not a behavioral thing. That means that something is wrong with her, probably a UTI. When she had this a few years ago, the vet charged me a ridiculous amount of money to hold Isis in a cage all day waiting for her to pee on these expensive little beads in the litter box. I think we ended up paying $40 just for the vet to collect a urine sample, which of course Isis never provided (I don’t know how she got so stubborn). I’m not throwing away $40 again, so I cleaned out a container of sour cream and dedicated my night to getting a urine sample from my cat. I get them from human infants, I can get one from my cat, right? Every half hour exactly, I would pick Isis up and place her in the litter box. She would sit there for a few seconds with her ears straight back and then make a run for it. Finally, on our sixth field trip, Isis started digging. I shouted to Mike, "She is finally giving in! Isis: 0, Katie: 1!" Once she squatted, I held the sour cream container under where the urine should be coming out. All of the sudden, she started making these funny movements with her stomach, and she stood up a little bit. Hmm… this is interesting… That’s when she pooped. New score: Isis 1, Katie 0.

12 thoughts on “The joy of stubborn animals

  1. hahahahaha oh ISIS you smart little feline….. very tricky cats can be. I\’m not looking forward to the day that my little Mystyca gets a UTI and i\’m trying to get her to pee in it!! No way not looking forward to it. You do however provide some interesting solutions. Baking powder, i never once thought to use that. You can bet I will now, not that i want her to pee on my carpet but at least i\’m somewhat prepared!! Plus the tidbit about getting the sample yourself. I bet if i did that they would throw it out and deem it not sterile enough and that they didn\’t do it themselves and still charge me something stupid!! At least you can say you\’re a nurse, what can i say. I know a nurse who tried this??? LOL
    Have a good one Katie!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. LOL That is toooooo funny…and tooo gross!!!  Yep, they\’re stubborn just like children.  Have fun!  I hope she\’s not really sick, but if she is, she\’s better SOON – for her own sake and yours. 
    By the way, I\’ve moved my blog.  The new address is over on my space.  I hope you visit me over there!  I\’ll still be visiting msn spaces. 
    God bless : )

  3. LOL!!  Toooo funny!  Only because it didn\’t happen to me!  My best friend\’s mother SWEARS by vinegar!  It\’s easier to clean up and out than baking soda and it absorbs the smell–you only smell the vinegar for a while.  😉  So until the UTI or whatever malady Isis has clears up, try the new solution!  😀
    We got a new kitty………  She\’s beautiful!  We\’ll have to post pictures soon.  🙂

  4. I love it! Cats are smarter than you think, I bet she made that poo just to make her point. "You can\’t best me human!" Cat pee is a nightmare, good luck with that, I don\’t have any home remedies. When my cat started going outside the litter box our vet told us to get him another (as in additional) litter box. By the time my cat died he was living in a 3 bathroom house, haha.

  5. I read once that cats hate the smell of citrus.  So if she is peeing in the same spot, spray some citrus febreeze or something on it after you get the smell out. that may help!  Good luck!

  6. Manny is very concerned for his love, Isis.  We hope everything is okay with the lovable furball.  Cats just know when you want them to do something.  I think they get a kick out of doing the exact opposite.  *sigh*

  7. Too funny…those cats are always thinking of ways to make us pay for outsmarting them. Hope work is going well…
    Take care

  8. Baaa haa haaa!!!!  That is so funny!!!  I know you probably weren\’t laughing at the time, but whew, that\’s funny stuff!  Thanks for the Monday humor!

  9. You can use a product called "Nature\’s Miracle" to remove the smell. You can usually find it at someplace like Petsmart. It help remove any residual odor so the cat will not go back to the same spot.

  10. My cat, Gunther, use to have a terrible time with getting UTI\’s one right after the other. It was sad because he would accidentily pee in my bed. 😦
    Start feeding your kitty the Purina Urinary Tract Infection cat food. After I did that, he never had another infection again!

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