The results are in….

Did you notice my new banner? That’s right, I passed!!!!
I’ll fill you in on all of the details tomorrow after work!

24 thoughts on “The results are in….

  1. Happy to be the first to Congratulate you!!!!!!   You\’ll have to tell me all about it!  Was it as hard as you expected!!!?!?!?  Good Job Katie!

  2. YYYEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!! Congratulations to Katie, RN!!!! I\’m soooo proud of you! Isn\’t is just magical?? Now you\’re legal! I\’m just thrilled for you..I remember how wonderful that felt..tell us aaaaallllllll about it!

  3. congratuations katie!!!! it\’s quite a rush isn\’t it?! enjoy it! welcome to the club! just keep those great katie stories coming, i need the fix!

  4. WAHOOOOOOOOO!!!!! That is amazing! I didn\’t know you get the results soooo quick!  I hope you, friends, and family do some major celebrating!!
    Cheers to you, Katie, R.N. !!!!!!

  5. Hey Katie I\’m coming out of hiding to congratulate you! That\’s awesome you get the results so soon! Waiting would be torture! I\’ve been enjoying your site for quite some time now. I\’m *hoping* to start nursing school in the January semester, and I\’ve been paying close attention esp to your advice for nursing students. Like you I got a bachelors degree (but in biology) that hasn\’t been too helpful in supporting myself. Great site! Keep up the good work!

  6. Doing the Katie Dance..Shaking my butt! Jumping and screaming!! YA…HOO!!!
    I am so happy for you and can not wait to hear the details!! Gosh..this is so exciting!!!

  7. Too cool.  You\’ve done your school proud.  I know that means so much to you too…sly grin.  Thanks for all your help, tips and advice.  I\’m studying your Pharm flash cards right now.  Each day I walk into lab and wonder WWKD.  I don\’t have the wrist band yet… do you have a favorite color? 
    Anyways, Take care and congrats! Now the real learning begins.

  8. I never had a doubt about you, Katie!
    I am proud to have you join this wonderful profession – you have brought good things to nursing!
    My sincerest congratulations!

  9. congradulations. I have so enjoyed your blog. I hopefully will be in a nursing program in January, I will not know if I have gotten in until December 15. Good luck.

  10. WHOOO WHHOOOOOO Hoot hooT  Way to Go!!  I knew you\’d pass on the very first try!! 
    I\’ve just completed catheter\’s, wound dressing and nasalgastric tubing fun..check\’d off just fine.  Next week we have IV\’s.  My lab partner, a male, remember when you "threw the dart?" …it\’s payback time.  Ouch.
    Keep Blogging!!  Love the stories.  We are the same height! 5\’2"..being a 1st year Nursing Student..and sitting on my bottom all evening (I feel like I just cram..all the time!) I\’m gaining. ..I asked if anyone knew how many pounds the average nursing student gained..the reply from the back of the room was 10-20.  eeewww sounded like a "judge sentencing"..
    Hi Katie!! keep bloggin sista in the Florence Nightingale world! Keep Blogging! and CONGRATULATIONS.

  11. Katie!  Congrats!!!!  I bet your are sooooo thrilled!!!  Did you have a huge celebration??????  Well, cheers to you from me!!!!  I can\’t wait until I can do the "wooo hooo, I\’m a RN" dance!!!

  12. Congrats on passing!!!  I\’m so happy for you.  I can\’t wait to get there myself.  You are certainly an inspiration to all of us.  Great job!!!

  13. I\’m so happy for you Katie!!  I never had any doubt that you would pass it!!  And now just think, some day you can tell your kids that you even passed this big, horrendous exam when you were sick.  Some people cant even do it when they are healthy and in perfect shape.  You should be proud!  I hope you get better soon.  Remember to get lots of sleep and take your vitamins and if youre lucky your boyfriend might even bring you some hot chicken soup. 🙂  Dustin

  14. Hi katie…..I\’m so inspired with your stories….How I wish I can have a chance to meet you anyway,,, I\’m a student nurse this time. and I\’m doing my best to reach my dream in life just like you now your already on top of your goal in lyf…Your a good role model with all nurses,,, I can\’t wait to get there myself ,,,Just always bear in your mind that always keep your feet on the ground…Godblesss>>>>>>congratulations!!!!!!

  15. You have a nice blog! I just started getting into the blog arena. Hopefully, mine will get to be very intriguing as yours.
    E\’lona :o)

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