NCLEX tomorrow!

I don’t want to wait another month to get this test out of the way, so I went to the doctor to see why I am STILL sick after six days. I no longer have the flu, now it is just an upper respiratory infection. The doctor was awesome- she gave me a steroid shot, an antibiotic shot, and a prescription for Cipro (strong antibiotic) and some cough medicine with codeine so I can sleep tonight. The steroid shot hurt more than I was anticipating, and it still hurts now, but it will be worth it when all of my swelling goes down and I can breathe without fighting so much! The cough is a lot better than it was the other day- it really only affects me when I am lying down. So as long as I refrain from passing out during the NCLEX, I think I will be fine. And I won’t disturb the people around me (I’ll have cough drops just in case). Thank you all for your advice, you had some great points.
After getting one shot in each hip today, I have decided that I definitely prefer being the one to give the shots. I’m still a little bit nervous when I give a shot, so sometimes I say, "Here comes the poke," and then pause a second before I actually poke the person. The nurse did that today and it was really frustrating! I braced myself, then nothing happened so I thought, "Hey, that wasn’t so… OUCH!!!" It startled me, so I jumped, which made it hurt even more. So I will make sure in the future not to do that to my patients! It’s interesting the little things that you notice when you are able to experience a situation from the opposite point of view. I’m going to spend the rest of the day studying, I’ll let you know how the test goes tomorrow!

14 thoughts on “NCLEX tomorrow!

  1. You\’ll do great!! Even though you probably won\’t think so when you finish!!  I\’ll keep my fingers crossed…told you to go to the doc!! Just needed some Cipro and \’roids!! You\’ll probably feel awesome tomorrow! Hope so… let us know  how you feel…

  2. Katie…
    thinking about you on your test day! I think you will do fine on your test, you are more than capable!  So glad you went to the drs and got some medicine to help you feel better!  Smart move! (See, you are smart!)

  3. Welcome to parenthood, Katie! I swear I was sick maybe once every two years before I had my daughter, now I\’m sick more than I am well. (I wish I was kidding).

  4. Sorry to hear yer still sick : (
    Steroid shots hurt like hell, used to get them in my shoulder blades for bursitis. Got one in the butt once, and broke the needle off when I jumped, that was NOT fun. Hope you get better soon, kids and ill health go together, I was sick all the time when I worked with them. Hugs, Kat

  5. Oooh, isn\’t it good to get experience and be in your patients\’ shoes?  Welll, maybe not!  😀  My favorite way to get a shot (or to have blood drawn) is for the nurse to distract me with a quiet, low conversation–They\’ll ask if I have kids, then they have a string of questions ready for me.  The shot doesn\’t hurt as much for a million reasons, one of which is because I\’m way more relaxed.  😀
    Tests, tests, tests!!!  You\’re ready for this!  You\’ll do amazingly well and you\’ll be a "real" nurse so soon!  😀

  6. I have my fingers crossed .  I know you did fine.  Good luck in Texas. I enjoy your stories. Your patients are going to love your sense of humor.

  7. This is funny! Your so right about the shots. The pause between the actual poke and informing them of the poke is murder on the person. I never really thought about it!
    I am sure you did great on the test..did not cough and stayed awake..Your KATIE for petes sake..what could possible go wrong??
    Glad to hear your feeling better and have medi to make you feel better!

  8. Being a recently retired registered nurse (who still vividly remembers her student days) I have enjoyed reading your adventures, and just wanted to congratulate you on passing your registration exams.  (RN stands for "real nurse")  It\’s quite a ways back, but you made some comments about the subject matter taught in your school.  As a preceptor (and sometime critic of modern nursing education) I and several of my colleagues often pointed this out to the instructors of our students.  The response?  The basics can be learned anytime.  What class hours need to be spent on is university level theory, so that students will be well grounded in the socio-psychological..blah blah blah.  Experienced nurses find the education (or lack thereof) that present day student nurses get, appalling. Basics need to be taught, so that the new nurse is of some use to the people intrusted to her care.  To hear that you perceive this lack is encouraging, as some of your counterparts have adopted the attitude that university educated nurses do not need to necessarily have basic skills, because they fully expect to work other than at the bedside. So the question is asked, why did they seek to become nurses?  Must be the glamor, huh? lol

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