Tough decision

One of the first things my preceptor said to me was, "This winter, you are probably going to be sick at least every other week. That’s just what happens when you first start working in a children’s ER." Why was she trying to scare me away before she even had the chance to get to know me? Does she not like my hair? Am I too short? Too annoying? Well, it ends up she wasn’t trying to scare me away. Three days after her warning, I came down with an awful cold that lasted six days. When I finally felt better, I was relieved that I had paid the price of being around all the germs early and had it over with. I normally only get sick twice a year: my birthday and New Year’s Eve. I don’t know why it always falls on those dates, but I figured I had gotten my birthday sickness out of the way a few weeks early. As I’m sure you have already guessed, I was wrong. On Wednesday, my lungs started hurting. Within a few hours, it had spread to my entire body. I felt like I had been hit by a truck. I had the flu. Already. I still was not fully recovered from being sick last time! So here it is the day before my birthday and on my "power cram" weekend for the NCLEX (which I take Tuesday- I put the wrong date last time) and I feel completely awful. I have only put in a few hours of studying and can’t concentrate for more than a few minutes at a time. I thought I’d be better by now, but I actually think I am getting worse (the awful cough that actually causes me to throw up just started yesterday). So, do I go take the NCLEX without studying, or do I push it back and have to worry about it for another month? Right now, I’m leaning towards taking it sick and without studying. I’m very anxious to get it off my mind! But am I making a huge mistake? If I fail, I’ll be demoted to a patient care tech until I can take it again in a few months. But if I push it back, I might lose my mind, which would probably result in losing my job too……

Maybe I do have cooties. Anyone remember how to give a cooties shot?


14 thoughts on “Tough decision

  1. Yes, I probably should have warned you about the germ fest taking care of kids…but, I didn\’t want to discourage you so quickly!! The good part is, after you get them all over with, you\’ll never be sick again! Go to the dr. case ATB\’s will help..otherwise, just survive. A friend of mine was sick for 3 straight weeks when she took a peds job in an institution..she was sure she\’d be fired, but they just laughed and said they were used to it…and she NEVER caught all the stuff going around that the rest of us did! 
    I\’d go ahead and take Nclex, but I didn\’t study for Boards when I took them anyway, so that\’s just me. Just do what you feel comfortable with..
    Hope you get well, soon!

  2. I personally would wait to study some. On this blog you have said many times that your school sent you out unprepared so I would wait until I had some time to study and felt better. If you coughed through out the whole test you wouldn\’t concetrate and would disrupt all the other people around you. Just my thought, in the end it all comes down to what make you fell comfortable.

  3. huh!!! it\’s weird how we fall ill sometimes during the day we don\’t want to fall sick. It reminds me one of Murphy\’s law: The probability of things going wrong is when we desperately didn\’t want them to go wrong. Well, don\’t take it as I am making fun, just tried to make you laugh forgetting your illness for a while, but yeah, I know it\’s a sad joke. So you can forget it and forgive me.
    Well, I never thought doctors\’ and nurse\’ jobs will be this complicated. I thought IT people are the only people who have to keep studying till they die, well, there are some other people too, as I came to know today.
    Well, if you have a choice to come back to the exam later, another time, preferably take that choice rather than being unwell, underprepared.
    I\’ll remember you in my prayers for your fast recovery, have great day.

  4. Oh Katie, I\’m so sorry.  I hope you get better and quick.  I know this sounds "motherly" but are you taking Vitamin C?  I\’m telling you it works!  I took it all last spring because I was always get sick in January and I didn\’t get sick once.  I stopped taking it over the summer and in August and Sept. I swear I had three different colds back to back.  It sucked.  I\’m back on the Vitamins now and all is good!  About the NCLEX, don\’t take it yet.  What\’s the hurry?  There\’s to much at stake.  I don\’t think you\’d fail it for a second, but you will be so stressed you may actually make yourself sicker and then have to leave in the middle or worse yet, be asked to leave because your throwing up on everything! 🙂  Just post-pone the date, get better, take it, pass it with the highest grade ever, and look back on this and laugh.  Maybe. 

  5. Hi Katie…
    I did my leadership and change rotation in Peds… I was always sniffling, choking and hacking… and like Jean, I would take the exam… but also like Jean, I didn\’t study… back in the day, when I took boards and they lasted 2 days, we partied on the night in between… and yes, I passed 1st time!
    Do what feels right for you Katie… feel better!

  6. Sleep as much as possible beforehand and take the test as scheduled!
    You\’ve nothing to worry about – You will pass it with flying colors, I\’ve no doubt!
    I am sending good vibes your way on Tuesday!!!
    You think you are sick now… wait til you finish the exam! 🙂  I was a MESS until I got my results!!

  7. First off Happy Birthday!  I thought of you over the weekend because I remembered that your bday falls on my anniversary (and Manny\’s tag as "924"). 
    As far as when to take the test, do you feel prepared?  Do you think studying an extra mth will actually help?  I guess it really all depends on how you feel about it.

  8. Take the test!  If you don\’t, you\’ll be kicking yourself for the next month until the opportunity comes up again.  You\’ll do fine!
    The best advice is to get LOT\’S of sleep.  Oh–and study, too.  😉

  9. Hey Katie…sorry it\’s been so long since i\’ve commented. I\’m lazy.
    Sounds like I\’ve missed a whole heck of a lot. Can I say heck or is that considered a swear word? anyways, my son is turning 11 this friday and he still thinks girls has cooties. On the other hand my nephew is 8 and he thinks girls are hot so go figure.
    Congrats on getting your GN added to your name. Good Luck on getting over your germs. My sister works at children\’s emerg and she still gets really sick a few times a year. I know that\’s not what you wanted to hear but at least you can feel better knowing it\’s not just you!! :o)
    Take it easy and good luck on your NCLEX thingy..

  10. Wow..that is a tough call. By the time you get this I would bet your decision will be made. However, I think I would wait if it was me. When you don\’t feel good you can not concentrate very well. I also agree with you being sick distracting the other exam takers. On the other hand I understand just wanting to get it over with. Ultimately…it\’s your call and your comfort know how you feel about the exam and how your body feels physically.  I have faith in you no matter what..YOUR KATIE!!!

  11. TAKE THE TEST!  Katie take the test. 
    I passed three check offs TODAY…catheters! NS and wound cleaning..hoot hoot
    TAKE THE TEST!!  You are prepared!!  You are good..take your time and reason out the answers!!!!  I\’m hearing there isn\’t as much math as you\’d think on it…the rest you have been going over and over in school and in your mind already.  I\’m bloggin it.
    TAKE THE TEST..take your time.. get well soon…  HUGS from ARKANSAS.  Happy Birfday Katie.  Hey, we are the same height!! 

  12. I remember when I was in college, the nurses were always catching things.  That was long ago.  Now that every parent is so germophobic that they deny their kids any chance at all to build immunity, I would imagine those embarking on a career caring for the sick must really be getting hit hard.  Makes you think twice before volunteering for duty in the Congo, doesn\’t it?

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