Life as an intern

For some crazy reason, I was under the impression that after
I finished school, life would be calm and boring. I think I was a little bit
off on that one! Work is going well, but it seems like I am always there. I’m
in a 14-week internship program, so I have class and I work with a preceptor
(an experienced nurse who teaches me everything my school didn’t). My
preceptor’s name is Tanya, and I really like her. She knows what she is doing
and has a lot of patience, which is crucial, especially because it takes me
forever to do even the simplest tasks.
I’m working in a pediatric ER, and working with kids is nothing like working
with adults. When starting an IV on an adult, you enter the room, tell them you
are going to start an IV, then start the IV. With kids, you enter the room,
explain what you are going to do, answer a lot of questions from the kid and
the parents, comfort the child while he cries before you even get the needle
out of its package, then attempt to start the IV while the kid is being held
down, and the mother, father, siblings, aunts, uncles, neighbors, and everyone
else the child knows is standing there cautiously watching. No pressure, right?
I shake just putting a band-aid on a child with all those eyes on me! I think
it is absolutely wonderful that these children have so much support, and I
wouldn’t want it any other way, but it definitely makes things more uncomfortable
when you aren’t confident in your skills yet. So hopefully I get that confidence
soon, because starting an IV will be much easier when I’m not shaking!

It seems like the kids I have worked with so far like me,
probably because they think I am another kid too. Yesterday a nine year old boy
asked me if I had a boyfriend. I didn’t think I looked that young…. And I
thought nine year old boys thought girls had cooties. Whatever happened to
cooties? Maybe the alcohol scrub gets rid of those….?


12 thoughts on “Life as an intern

  1. Wow…see your not only the cool nurse but your the HOT NURSE TOO!!! Even if it is coming from a 9 year..It\’s nice to get the compliment.
    Glad to hear your internship is going good and your follow the leader lady (Tanya) is a good fit for you. I am sure that helps out so much!
    I would be nervous too starting an IV on a just breaks your heart when they are crying and scared..then when the needle goes in…they look at you like your the devil and you just took away all their recess for a lifetime!! 
    When I had Carlos/Foster Son and I took him for his first set of shots and they showed me how I needed to hold him..I was a little frightend by it since it resembled a choke hold you see on the WWF. Carlos was looking right at me and I was talking to him…the nurse stuck the needled in..his little face got this surprised look of pain on it as he was looking at  me like..WHAT DID YOU DO TO ME!! I started crying before he did!!
    Have a good week!!!

  2. Yeah, I\’ve been one of those parents holding down a screaming kid and don\’t like it one bit.  I always leave thinking, "That nurse is probably reconsidering his/her profession after our visit."  You\’ve got way more patience than I could ever muster under those circumstances.  Thanks for hanging in there–the world needs more nurses like you! 🙂

  3. Katie,
    Wow, a Ped ER.  How cool and intimidating all at the same time.  I agree with you and think it would be so much harder especially when we have a huge learning curve to overcome.  I am challenged by the mix of adult and children patients I have now.  Sounds like all is going well for the most part.  That is wonderful!  I can\’t wait to chat with you soon. 

  4. *laughing*  Alcohol scrub and cooties–I\’ll have to remember that one to tell Jonathan.  🙂  I hope Scooter thinks girls have cooties until he\’s at LEAST 20…  lol 

  5. Yeah..just wait til you have to put an IV in the head!!! Magnify those hate beams the kids turn on, AND the parents turn on tenfold! You\’ll do fine, just always remember the kid is going to cry no matter what, so just do what you need to and comfort the parent!!!lol

  6. thank god for peds nurses!!! i personally do not have a thick enough skin, like you said with adults you tell then what you are going to do and then you do it, they understand. if i can\’t make someone understand why (babies, toddlers, confused old ladies) i feel like such a jerk. my little nephew (10 mos) has cystic fibrosis and the nurses we see on all the admissions are wonderful, i know you will be too!

  7. Hottie nurse in the Peds ER!  You\’ve made it girl!  That is so hilarious.  Someone probably should have asked the extended family to step out for a few minutes while you did that.  You don\’t need the whole freakin\’ family in the ER room.  You will become known as Nurse Katie girl.  When Dweeb was in Family Practice, all the kids loved him (must have been his Three Stooges routine).  They called him by his first name.     You are doing great and so glad to hear it!  : ) Sue

  8. You never cease to amaze me!  Not only are you a super cool nurse, but also a super hot nurse too???  What a cool compliment,  I wish I could have seen your expression!!!!!  Gotta go hit the books!  Have a great weekend!

  9. First off, I\’m relieved this blog doesn\’t have cooties. Way.
    Second, I can tell you\’re busy lately. You must be learning by leaps and bounds.
    Third, I\’ve got to be sounding like a broken record by now, but it\’s so impressive how you, in only a few words, can describe just the right details to draw us right into the scene with you. Always with a chuckle, too.
    Oh, and four, have a good weekend. You still get weekends as a nurse, right?

  10. Hi, landed here through MSN space portal. It\’s great blog and you have good blog sense to make it very interesting and short.
    Hey, this is million\’th time I am seeing kittens\’ photo in a girls\’ blog, well, I don\’t know the connection.
    Yeah, it\’s kind of strange doing your job under watchful eyes especially when treating a kid in front of his/her bunch of relatives. But it\’s kind of nice too coz of the kids\’ mindset.
    I think you look younger (But I agree you don\’t look so young to be a girl friend of a 9 years old guy or that guy must be interested in elder girls which has become a sure trend in japan) and pretty.
    Have a great day, adios.

  11. Having been a 9-year-old boy, I can tell you that older women (two or three years older at least) do not have cooties, but are infinitely fascinating creatures.  Girls your own age have cooties.  For about 4 years (around college) – girls your own age are cootie-free – then you get a little older and all of a sudden women your age have cooties again and YOUNGER women are fascinating.  Go figure.  Hey, don\’t shoot the messenger…

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