I’m a GN!!

Thank you TX State Board of Nursing for processing my GN
letter the same day you received it (instead of taking two weeks)!! Maybe you
guys could hear the panic and frustration in my voice and you took sympathy on
me. Or maybe you were just really sick of me calling every single day to check
on my status… Either way, I really appreciate all of your help!

Now if I could only get over this nasty cold…..

I take the NCLEX (licensing exam) on September 28th, so for the next few weeks,
I’ll be studying and working at my wonderful new job! Please don’t get upset if
I’m not around too much!

Congrats to Rachel & Jason on their engagement!! Jason, you are definitely a
lucky man! Rachel is one of the most amazing women I have ever met. Rachel, don’t
let Research dampen your excitement, keep bugging them and they will at some
point send your transcripts too.

 And to the staff at Research College of Nursing (I know some
of you read this), THIS IS RIDICULOUS!! You need to send your students’
transcripts!! There is absolutely no excuse for sitting on them for over three
weeks- you are causing people more stress than you can imagine.


19 thoughts on “I’m a GN!!

  1. Oh, thank God!! Finally!! Congrats, Katie, GN! and soon to be RN…Now you can relax about that part and start seriously stressing about Boards!!!LOL You will come out of there seriously in need of a drink!! That\’s the only time in my life I ever came out of somewhere and headed for a bar!!!LOL But then it will be over! Thank God we don\’t have to do that every 2 years! But it\’s also shorter now, isn\’t it? We took it over 2 days and then had to wait 6 weeks!!! Now that was pressure! Good luck..

  2. Katie, glad that everything finally worked out. Big congrats, and take care of that cold. The way nurses work, you won\’t have any time to be sick anymore.

    So how do you like the new job? How is it going for you? I am so happy that things are on the right track for you now. This was without a doubt the most unnecessary stress! The nursing school should be ashamed of themselves and embarrased by their own actions and staff!
    Taylor is doing much better and is back to her old self. However..I don\’t think she will be eatting any peanut butter and JELLY for quite sometime! She threw the biggest tantrum I have ever seen on Saturday at the bridal shop. She wanted to wear a white dress, with a trane, veil and tiara. When we told her NO she threw herself to the ground kicking and screaming! If the child would not have been injured already..I  might have killed her right then!!
    Good luck studying…We all have faith in you!!!

  4. Congratulations, Katie!
    I KNEW you could get through this!
    You have everything it takes to be a great nurse – common sense, kindness, patience, compassion, and a true love for people in general.  It is all very evident from the things you\’ve posted here.  I am proud you have joined us in this profession.
    I have to say, I will miss your wonderful nursing school stories.  I\’ve read your blog religiously for nearly a year and it has been so easy to relate to.  In some ways, it made me MISS school… crazy, I know… 
    The night before boards, don\’t study.  Treat yourself to a nice supper and go to bed early.  You will do fine, I have no doubt.
    All my best,
    Jennifer, RN

  5. Yahhhoooo!!!!  Cheers to you!!!  What exciting news!  I\’m so happy for you!  Good luck on you NCLEX on the 28th…it\’s a good day to take a test as it is my anniversary, a friends birthday, and another\’s friends due date..so what a special day!  You will do awesome!!!!

  6. Have you ever had anyone ask you to e-mail them in your blog?  I just had a weird comment to e-mail someone that it was "important" I told them no.  Just wondering if you knew of any scams similar to this.

  7. I called him and he said that it was a mix-up and that I was the wrong person.  Makes me feel better.  Thank you for your help. :o)

  8. Yeah! Congrats on getting your GN! It should be wonderful when you are done with all your testing and can just work.

  9. I\’ve been hearing this a lot about transcripts. My cousin\’s wife has been waiting on hers from NYU for like four months. That\’s insane.

  10. By this time in 2 weeks, we should officially be RN\’s!!!!  So glad to hear that Texas recognizes the value of a GN in waiting…unlike Research!!  I saw the dean at hospital the other day and it sent chills down my spine!!  This is why I didn\’t want to work at Research.  One year is all I\’m giving it…I don\’t even want to think about how long a year can be!!!  Anyhow, I need to get to studying!!  I have really been slacking (no surprise)!!!  I just hope I\’m not in the 5% that FAILS!!

  11. Katie,
    Good luck on NCLEX! I took mine last Friday and was so nervous on Sunday (that\’s when you pay 7.95 to get your quick results) that I made Scott (my husband) do it for me. I PASSED!!!! And by Tuesday, Kansas BON had already sent me my license! Now I\’m an RN!!! Just need to get my work authorization done and I will be able to work. Hang in there with the paperwork. I believe those of us who had to jump through more hoops become more resilient as nurses.

  12. I am somewhat relieved to hear that others have had problems getting their transcripts.  I cannot get a job until I get AT LEAST my temporary license.  We graduated from Bluefield State College in WV on May 12th, 2007 and we are STILL waiting for ours (it has now been two weeks).  It is frustrating especially when you never heard that it takes that long to get the transcripts to the nursing board office.  I guess they didn\’t tell us these things during school as to avoid the inevitable rioting that would have taken place.  So now, I am just ready to teeter over into a stroke and I haven\’t even got my authorization to test yet!!!  (That comes with the temporaries, as I understand it…)  Can\’t wait to get to work!!!  Was the NCLEX as bad as everyone says that it is?  My LPN Board exam was pretty rough but I feel like I am ready for this one.  Probably horribly fooling myself, huh?  Thanks for such as wonderfully written blog.  I enjoy it and I SOOO feel ya!!!  Good to read something and know that I have had the same days or someone else feels that same as I do.  KUDOS!

  13. I am a Chinese boy,your blog make me earn a lot of basical  knowledge  about your major.
    Thanks a lot,maybe grate usefull for me to pick up English language/

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