Any school but Research!!!

Last night Mike and I played an awful joke on Skitzo. We
told him that we were enrolling him in nursing school at Research College of
Nursing. This news upset him so much that he actually pooped himself right
there on the kitchen floor.

Poor guy! We thought that after all I have been through with
the school, he would have known that we were just kidding. But obviously he
took us seriously, and a temporary loss of bowel control occurred.
Lesson of the day: Don’t even joke about sending someone you love to Research
College of Nursing. It’s not funny, and you might get stuck with a huge mess on
the floor.


13 thoughts on “Any school but Research!!!

  1. Awwww, poor thing.  Is he feeling okay?  I have a kitty that has been having hairball attacks lately.  And her favorite spot to hack them up is usually on the bed.  That makes for an entertaining night.

  2. I just had a brilliant reply to your comments and friggin\’ MSN screwed it up and it didn\’t post. And it\’s not showing my info so this is Shelbe. 
    All I said was good job!  I hope they do read your blog and take it for what it\’s worth-gold.  In this competitive industry, they aren\’t selling their school, they are selling their service.  They seem to forget that we AO students are seasoned students having been through the whole "university" process.  We aren\’t idiots and rarely tolerate those that are.  If they want to keep us and keep the program going, they should realize that and treat us with kid gloves.  There are at least two other AO programs in the KC area we could all easily go to.  There may be more one day.  The key is to keep it competitive and attract the best.  Right now, the best is thinking of going elsewhere!  LOL!
    Good Job Kaite, don\’t take it down. 

  3. I\’m assuming you finally got it all taken care of, eh?  Good job girl.  I hope you have nothing but blue skies and success where you are!Sue

  4. Eew!  Ok, I promise to NEVER play that sick joke on my cat.  She would freak on me, and I don\’t need a little mishap like that on my kitchen floor.  Thank you for all of the warnings, Katie. 🙂
    …and I hope Research College of Nursing learns something from all of this mess.  Good grief!!

    If this is not your "Im going to get back at these idiots" idea…then your on to something here!
    Take the brochures or any lititure you have from the school with it\’s name on it..then line the littler box with them…don\’t put any kitty litter in the box…place the cats poop all over the litature then take the pic!! Hehehehe. Maybe…even water the poop down so it\’s all runny!!
    I love being makes me feel good!!!

  6. Oops..I should have e-mailed you that suggestion!!! I hope no one is reading that where you could get into trouble…SORRY!!!

  7. Poor Skitzo, lining the cat box with the literature does sound like a good idea though. Why do these people even bother to say they\’ll do something when they have no intentions of doing it? That\’s great your employer understands. I was going through your blogs and noticed in the picture of your stack of (evil) books we are using the same nursing fundamentals book. They have a new nursing curriculum starting this year and chose that one and the work book. 
    I sure hope those people get their act together soon so you can get on with everything. I\’ve noticed a lot of them seem to be real skilled at redirecting you to some other clueless wonder who then does the same thing. They surely must all be members of that torture loving punk club…

  8. I\’m a dork. People mentioned voting for me, and I never bothered looking at the features spaces page before I posted that "thank you for voting for me." Who started all the voting rumor anyway? These people must have gotten that from somewhere too.
    Anyway, if you have a bridge to sell, I\’m probably your guy. Think about your price, and enjoy the weekend.

  9. Aw poor Skitzo : (
    Sorry to hear of the glitches around transcripts. I have to say employment hassles around educational transcrtipts being sent and verified has been a long going hassle, I\’ve had to deal with working in HR. Glasd yer new job is working with you on it. I\’m sure their used to it too, hugs and no more scaring the pup, lol, Kat

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