I hate being right

When she said she would overnight my transcripts on Thursday, I wanted to believe her. I really did. But I knew she was full of it,  and I was right. At noon today, I got a call from the woman at the Board of Nursing letting me know that they still do not have my affidavit. I give up. I wanted to make this posting funny but seem to have misplaced my sense of humor. Don’t worry, once this mess gets cleaned up, I’ll find my humor again. And I will use it at the expense of the idiots who have made the last few weeks a living hell. Buckle your seat belts, administrators at my nursing school, and remember, you started it.

The good news is that I will not lose my job over this. My manager seems pretty laid back and understanding, and she said that I can continue with my internship, I just can’t have patient contact. So until I get my GN license, I will be shadowing a nurse instead of doing hands-on stuff. This is completely fair and I really appreciate their willingness to work with me. The bad news is that this makes me look like a complete idiot!! I met one of the other girls in the internship with me, and she is taking her licensing exam on Monday. She graduated at the same time as me, but her school was able to figure out how to get the envelope into the slit on the side of the mailbox, while my school is still working on that task. So I will not even have my Graduate Nurse license and my co-intern will be a Registered Nurse. LOL….. looking good so far at the new job, huh?


13 thoughts on “I hate being right

  1. Hi Katie.  Bless your heart for having to put up with the
    administrative mistakes.  Not only is it embarrassing, but it is
    frustrating as well.  Hang in there.  I have a question for you though.
     What is the difference between the GN and the RN?  Is it the schooling
    level?  Thanks for writing to me.  Brian

  2. Hi Brian! A GN is a Graduate Nurse,
    which means you have completed nursing school but have not yet passed
    your state boards. You are allowed to take care of patients, but must
    be working with another registered nurse, under his/her license. A RN
    is a registered nurse, which means you have your own license and can
    legally take care of patients on your own. Although I graduated from
    nursing school in mid-August, the state of TX does not recognize me as
    a GN because they have not received the required paperwork from my
    school yet. So the schooling is the same, the only difference is whether you have passed the licensing exam or not.

  3. Katie..the good news is: every hospital, etc. has worked with these doofus\’s before…so, yes, they know it\’s not you, and they will work with you, no problem..I can\’t tell you how many people I have had to sideline because they didn\’t get their licenses back at renewal time for whatever reason..I had to drive to the state capitol once when I worked in Florida because I didn\’t get mine! So, you do not look like an idiot…They may not say it..but you\’re definitely NOT the first!!! It\’s a pain, but welcome to our world…
    Hugs and good luck

  4. I would take this matter into my own hands.  Call Fed Ex or UPS and schedule a pick up!  They will show up at the school and ask for the package being sent to Katie and they will have to immediately get it ready and hand it to them… if they cannot handle THIS task…Jeesh!  Tis a scary thing that they have been allowed to form and mold young minds!

  5. Man I can understand your frustrations Katie.  You have done all the hand holding and they STILL can\’t get it right.  They are messing with your future and it isnt right.  Annoy them every day until the task is compelted.  UGH! I\’m frustrated for you!  I like Jaimie\’s idea below.   

  6. Damn! When it rains it pours doesn\’t! Geesh! I hate stupid people. I constantly walk around thinking..How the hell did that person live to be this old..they should have been hit by a bus or something by now! Idiots! You want me to send them a death threat?? I\’m telling you…when this is all done and over send them a basket of brownies made with ex-lax thanking them for all there help in getting this situation CLEARED UP!!

  7. Oh Katie!  Do you want me to go pick it up for you and overnight it?  If they let me I will be happy to do it tomorrow!  It\’s such a mess there.  Let me know if there is anything I can do to get it to you sooner!SUE

  8. ROAR!  HOW FRUSTRATING!  There!  There\’s my bit of sympathy!!!  Since you admitted to deleting a blog, I\’ll admit to deleting a negative comment a while back… lol  It was about how schools can\’t be trusted and how administrators/assistants really need to personalize each student\’s issue… I ranted for a while before realizing that it was entirely negative and redid it… lol  😀  The good news is that I have every confidence that things\’ll be perfect very soon!!!  😀

  9. take a deep breath and remind yourself it will work out, it isn\’t life or death, it will just make you crazy for a while and then will pass just like everything else!

  10. How terrible.  At least your job is being flexible.  What a total cluster you-know-what!  :o(  It will resolve… eventually.

  11. Well, look on the bright side Katie, you are still in!!!  Yipeee!  One of my instructors told us today that it took her one year to get all her paperwork together to become licensed in NM versus 3 weeks in her home state.  That was many years ago…I guess some things don\’t change.  I bet the excuse you\’ll hear is, "It (the paperwork) be lost in the mail" or something lame like that.  I hope you find your sense of humor as I need it!!!  😉  Eve

  12. On the positive side, you are such a good writer, you even do sarcasm well. There… I see the beginnings of a smile. (Just remind me not to get on Katie\’s bad side.)

  13. Registered Nurse vs. Graduate Nurse…GN means that you haven\’t taken your boards, and then when you do (and you pass!! hurrah for Shadow!!) you become an R.N.  am I clear? as mud or H2O?
    We stick Hot Dogs next Tuesday…then each other by Friday.  2 students have quit the program as of today!  Thanks for your comments! 
    Turn that frown …UPSIDE DOWN !!

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