Too many hoops!

I wrote out this long blog entry explaining to you guys why I haven’t been posting lately. But after reading it before I posted it, I realized that is was way too negative and depressing to make you guys read. So I decided I will just give you the basic facts about what is going on, and I will post something again soon once everything is worked out and I am in a better mood.
~ After fixing the transcript fiasco two weeks ago, I thought my transcripts were in the mail and my Graduate Nurse (GN) License would be issued any day.
~ A woman in the HR department at my hospital called on Thursday to let me know that I am not officially a GN on the TX Board of Nursing website. I checked it out and she is correct. I called the TX Board and it ends up that my school never sent my transcript or the affidavit my dean was supposed to sign on the date of graduation. I gave her an addressed, stamped envelope and even included a sticky arrow pointing to the line she needed to sign. The directions were highlighted- there was no way for this to go wrong. But it did! She never put it in the mail.
~ I called the dean and her assistant and told them that they needed to overnight my transcripts to TX. The assistant said she would, but at this point, that is of little comfort to me.
~ So here’s my current situation. Even if they did overnight my information on Thursday, it will take ten business days for me to be issued my GN license. I start tomorrow.  What a great start to a new job, huh?! I’m not sure what they are going to do- they can’t delay the internship program for me, so are they going to kick me out? I guess I’ll find out tomorrow….

10 thoughts on “Too many hoops!

  1. Oh how I feel your pain!!!!!  My job won\’t be in jeapordy for another 76 days, but I am SOOOOOO pissed about the transcript issue!!  I imagine I could have written your original post nearly word for word.  I suppose we aren\’t ever supposed to have lives beyond that school!  (Maybe I should have read the fine print!)  I\’ve already got one friend convinced of their BS and another one on her way to screw the idea of signing her life away to such hell!  I\’ll continue to spread the word as I am really not convinced that the financial break is worth the MANY messes we\’ve had to deal with — and still 2 weeks after graduation are dealing with!!  Besides, you didn\’t really get the financial break…and working for HCA thus far has not proven to be worthy of a reference to any "break"…other than there seems to be a lot that\’s broken in the system!  I think we really should send a photo of our class — each of us with our RN license in one hand while exposing 73 full moons with the other hand!!  That would be much more appropriate in the college lobby….I hope that wasn\’t too negative!  I\’ll save my more graphic thoughts for my own site!!  GRRRRR!!!

  2. Girl, I\’m telling you, I think that whole place is falling completely apart!  It\’s a complete and total mess all over.  Sometime I\’ll tell you.  Call again tomorrow to make sure, that\’s how messed up everything is.  Total chaos it seems.  But of course, you didn\’t hear it from me.: ) Sue

  3. I\’ll pray for you, Katie. Do your best, and things will work out somehow. I think years from now, this will probably seem a blip.

  4. Hang in there, Katie. It\’s unacceptable for this to happen, but it does too often in education. And we say health care needs overhauling! 🙂

  5. Oh Katie!!  What a bummer!!  I hope everything works out!  I can\’t imagine your new employer telling you "adios" for this!  Man, news like this makes me paranoid!  Shall I start hand carrying everything to everyone asking for their signature in blood along with their DNA attached?  Hey, maybe this could be a business idea, anyone interested in joining??  Ha ha!!  Best of luck Katie, I\’m sure it will all work out!

  6. I\’ve always believed, "Just because you\’re paranoid doesn\’t mean they aren\’t out to get you."  What educational institute could possibly be responsible for such a mess…? 

  7. Hang in there Katie! I\’m going through the whole "calling them every hour- but all I get are voicemails and no one calls me back" business with my Board of Nursing.  When I do finally get through to someone, noone has answers!  I was supposed to work on Sunday – but I can\’t without a license! There\’s some delay in my paperwork and I\’m beyond frustrated.  It hurts to know that I could be earning some dough and starting my career instead of watching Rosie\’s debut on The View. (Although I gotta say, SOOOO GLAD SHE"S BACK). Keep us posted!

  8. ARGH!!! I am so sorry this is happening to you Katie! Don\’t these people know your a nurse…and you know more ways to kill a person without getting caught than an army ranger!!
    I will keep my fingers crossed that all went well for you today and that everything gets cleared up soon!!
    Getting together if Alan and I move to Oklahoma would be WONDERFUL! I would love to meet you in person with your witty personality!!! Your such an awesome person!!

  9. I believe you should speak with the Dean or President of the college/University regarding the unprofessionalism of the Dean of Nursing.  Your future is at stake while the Dean of Nursing at your school takes a coffee break?  Surfs the internet?  Attends yet another pointless meeting?  Don\’t take this rolling over!! I\’m sure you\’re not… but I\’d cause a stink over this!!

  10. Jaimie~ As I\’m sure you can imagine, I have caused a huge stink over this. I talked with the Associate Dean today, and all she did was make up excuses, claiming it is impossible for a school to release transcripts in under two weeks. It was the most frustrating of all of my phone calls. The Dean won\’t return my calls. I left a message with the head of the Registrar, and hopefully will get the chance to have a friendly conversation with her tomorrow. I know I am getting nowhere and making absolutely no impact on them, but at least it makes me feel a little bit better!

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