At least I know anatomy…..

Last night Mike and I were watching a TV show that took place in Pittsburgh. I couldn’t remember where Pittsburgh was, so I asked Mike. He didn’t know either. A minute later, I said, "I think it’s in Seattle." "Yeah, maybe," Mike replied. A few more minutes passed in silence. Then Mike looked over at me and said, "I think Seattle is a city…."

This conversation somehow brought back memories of the knee surgery I had in high school. I had to have my pes anserine bursa removed from my right knee thanks to my baseball and skateboarding days. While the nurses were preparing me for surgery, one of them said to me, "Which side of your leg is your bursa on, the front or the back? We need to know how to position you for the surgery."   Starting to shake now, I told them it was on the front. "Ha! Told you," the one nurse said to the other. At this point in time, I did not know much about how hospitals worked. I thought that these nurses would be assisting in my surgery; I did not realize that they were just there to get me ready to go in. So right before I was wheeled into the OR, I was given the impression that they had no idea what exactly they were removing from my body! This could help explain the panic attack I had when waking up from the surgery. Still heavily sedated, I felt the pulse oximetry device on my finger.  Terrified, I started crying that the surgeon had operating on my finger instead of my knee. Thanks Pittsburgh, Seattle for bringing back this awful memory!


12 thoughts on “At least I know anatomy…..

  1. WOW! Awesome geography skills! I guess nurses don\’t need them much…I do know where Pittsburg is…but  not much more! I just never paid much attention to geography in school..I was too busy with Biology!! LOL I can\’t believe I didn\’t notice it is a Peds ER! I did PICU for a few years.. good luck!!! It\’s hard, wonderful, and fun..and heartbreaking..Just remember the next shift will be completely different than the present one!! And that you can keep your control with ANYONE!!! I have wanted to stab more parents than I can count…but, you know what? I never stabbed one!! And I am VERY proud of that fact!! LOL
    All that copying stuff is just too irritating…people need to present themselves or stay off here…Oh, well..

  2. Hi Katie!  Well I think I got them all, but if you come across one that I missed, please let me know.  Sorry this one is short but I have to put the little one to bed.  Take care hun!

  3. Oh My Goodness…Katie! It has been so long since I have been able to leave you a message.
    First..Congrats on your new job! I am so happy for you! Congrats on graduating..That\’s wonderful. I am so glad that your capstone worked out and you can sit back a little and relax somewhat.
    Mike and his mature comment is to funny! That cracks me up! I agree with the Texas Oklahoma teams. Of course my team is the Tennesse Vols. However…I might be a Okie after the first of the year. The boy may have gotten himself a job in Oklahoma. I would be 172 miles from Dallas!!  I can not believe the nurses did not know which side your injury was on! How is that possible??? How does a nurse become a nurse like that? I mean..I know nurses and doctors don\’t know everything but still. And to ask you?? Of course that would freak anyone out!  I would have said something right then to someone else!! Yikes!
    Congratulations again..I look forward to reading more entires!!

  4. I have a friend like you!  "Ash where is PEI (Prince Edward Island)?" asked jokingly.  Ashley says "Between Manitoba and Quebec!"  hahaha well first of all the word ISLAND should have been a clue, it certainly isn\’t land locked.. and even if that HAD been correct Manitoba and Ontario are side by side not Manitoba and Quebec!! haha
    Thanks for emailing your friend! 

  5. I had surgery on my right elbow a few years ago and as I was coming out of the lovely drug induced sleep, the nurse says to me "We did a lateral epicondyl release on your left elbow".  Well, needless to say, I came out of that haze pretty darn quick and cried "It\’s supposed to be the right elbow"!!  She said Oh, your right, I just looked at you wrong!?!  Starting to wonder if that\’s the local hospitals fancy new way of getting same day surgery patients alert and out of there!

  6. I\’m all in for a daily laugh, and you\’re often the one to give it to me. Even better than a free coffee, and me and coffee… don\’t ask. Have a great weekend, Katie!

  7. I have all these medical appointments staring me in the face and I pop in and read this!  (heels clicking as I race away!).  Hope you have a fun, safe three day weekend.  Thanks for popping in on my wee little space.  I love having you visit!

  8. You are too funny.  I get confused with Geography also, but I\’m pretty good with the US.  Its all of those other countries I don\’t have a clue about.  BTW Pittsburgh and Seattle are on 2 different coast.   😉   LOL

  9. As I was going into the doc\’s inner sanctum to have a blob of internal scar tissue removed from inside the back of my neck where it joins my head, one nurse remarked to the other, "It\’s awfully large to be taken out out in the office."  Occasionally, these Angels of Mercy can be just a tad inopportune…  Hey, I can HEAR you.

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