Mature people

While in the car yesterday, Mike and I were talking about my job interview. "You should have brought up that your boyfriend is an architect," Mike said.   Ok, I’ll bite. "Why is that?" I asked. "That way they would know that you hang out with mature people," he confidently replied. About a second later, a rock song came on the radio. I looked over at him out of the corner of my eye and saw that he was playing air guitar and banging his head to the song….

8 thoughts on “Mature people

  1. This is sooo funny!  Reminds me of a commerical I saw where the husband and wife are in the car and he is singing a song, but has the words wrong and she is trying to correct him.  It\’s so funny!!

  2. My husband still plays air drums and he\’s 36! They never grow up, even though they think they do. 😉
    Congrats, btw, on the job! I had no doubt you would get one fast and not just because there\’s a nursing shortage. You\’re one of the really good ones. Take it from a fellow health care worker.

  3. Haha….We should discuss maturity differences between Daniel & Mike!!  I guess \’mature\’ is a relative term!  Hospital orientation is over, now it\’s onto the floor for 8 (hopefully less) weeks of orientation — like capstone.  I couldn\’t handle another minute in one of those crunchy chairs!!!

  4. He doesn\’t think nurses and nursing students are mature people???
    Hope he doesn\’t make an trip to the ER anytime soon! 🙂
    Thank for stopping by and visiting my space today!  It was nice to have your comment!  Hope you\’ll visit again soon!
    -David  //BootJockey

  5. How funny!! That gave me a good laugh. As if anyone\’s occupation classifies them as mature or immature. LOL
    I would never ever go to a pilates class OR a yoga class. I\’m afraid of any classes in a way because I haven\’t been to one in many years. Like you, I prefer pilates over yoga, but in the privacy of my own home! 🙂

  6. Girls don\’t understand all the expertise that goes into something like this. Another manager and I used to play intense air guitar in my office. Then one of the secretaries barged in. Listen, I told her, I\’ve got a master\’s degree!
    She had no appreciation.

  7. Sooooooo mature!  lol!  I think I would worry if he didn\’t have his immature moments now and then!  😀 
    I had a nice time looking through your pictures this afternoon–there were several I had missed in my hiatus.  😀  And I LOVED looking through kitty pictures… Like I said, I\’m having withdrawals…  And what was I going to tell you?  OH!!!  Katy!  YES!  It\’s a great name!!!  I think we may cycle that down to girl #2\’s name (assuming we have a 2nd girl, right?).  Jonathan and I were talking about Emma as this baby\’s name, and it just *feels* right.  🙂  We\’ll see, right?  Four months is a long time for name negotiations.  😀

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