It’s the little things

I stopped by an Ace Hardware today and while walking around I spotted a Jayhawk flag. A Jayhawk flag in Texas country? I went over and looked at the price: $19.99.  Next to the Jayhawk flag was the Texas flag with the horned cow or whatever their mascot is and the Oklahoma horse shoe flag. Their price? $16.99. That’s right! The Jayhawk is definitely worth more than any Texas or Oklahoma mascot. Just don’t tell any TX or OK fans I said that, ok? They can be pretty scary.

Lesson of the day: If you get lost in Northern Dallas, do not try to find your way back by keeping track of CVS Pharmacies. I made that mistake today- I thought I was going in circles because I kept seeing a CVS Pharmacy on the corner, but I actually traveled pretty far across town (in the wrong direction, of course)!


5 thoughts on “It’s the little things

  1. All right now, I live in Ok and have lived in Texas! You are treading on pretty thin ice here, little lady!! lol You better figure out quick what the Tx mascot is and get into the Tx/OK rivalry!! In Dallas you\’ll learn about it pretty quick… Jayhawk\’s have an inflated sense of their own worth…that\’s cause their state is so flat..they can see all the way to the border, so they think it\’s bigger! LOL just giggin\’ ya! Let us hear more about the job! And ALWAYS carry a good map of Dallas…you\’ll need it…My brother just moved to McKinney, and my folks used to have a place in Dallas, so I know what I\’m talking about!!

  2. Psstttt…..  Jean sounds a little jealous, don\’t ya think?  Ain\’t nothin\’ better than being a Jayhawk!  Get that flag and hang it from your apartment proudly girl!  : ) Sue

  3. Oh, Lord, I think we\’ve started a war!! My only problem is deciding between OU and OSU!!! We\’ve had grads from both in our family….I guess I could cheer for Kansas…it would have to be against someone awful, though!!! LOL Like TEXAS!!!! haha.. you\’re pretty silly, now that you\’re employed!!
    hugs, 🙂

  4. Hi Katie,
    Yep with us it\’s the Walgreen pharmacies.  Almost as populas as Star Bucks…less caffeine though.
    Understand about the TX and OK…lived in Lubbuck for several year. They are serious about their Raiders. First game I went to, the masked raider mounted his horse and went around the stadium shooting his six guns and yelling.
    Daughter is at IUPUI hoping to get accepted into school of nursing…
    Take care and stop by the space….
    And congrats on the Best of …cool

  5. I\’m a landmark driver too and often find myself misplaced by these wonderful landmarks.  Are you sure we\’re not related?

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