I answered my phone this morning and heard, "Hi Katie,
this is bla bla bla, the dean of your nursing school."   Why is the dean of my
school calling? Within a second, I had all sorts of possible reasons floating
through my mind- she was calling to congratulate me on having my site featured
on MSN, she was calling to say they missed me at graduation, or maybe even to
personally thank me for all of my suggestions throughout my year at her
school. Unfortunately, I was wrong. Four days after graduation, the dean was calling to inform me that there is a problem
with my transcripts, and that they will not be able to release them for me to
take my licensing exam. Yes, four days AFTER graduation they realized this
error. My first thought was, “Danielle, this is not funny!” But I remembered
that Danielle was in orientation at her new job and could not be calling to play
a practical joke on me. I checked the number on my phone and realized that it
was definitely someone from my school calling. I sat there quietly for a
second, then asked, "I don’t mean to be rude, but ARE YOU KIDDING
ME?!" No, she was not kidding. My morning was spent making frantic phone
calls and faxes to fix their error. My mom came to my rescue and drove all over
town to hand deliver the transcripts my school had misplaced. And all of this
craziness was just a few hours before my "Personality interview."
Ironically, one of the questions during the interview was, "Do you respect
authority figures?" Yes, when they are competent! Don’t worry, I didn’t
say that. I know that in any profession I might have to deal with unorganized management, so I guess my school has prepared me for the real
world. I just wish they didn’t repeat this same lesson over and over again for
their students!


7 thoughts on “Seriously?!

  1. Saw you on "Best of."  Just checking things out.  I\’m sure that started your day off just great.  What a terrible error for them to have made.  It really would have flustered me before the interview.  There\’s nothing good about unorgamized management.

  2. Are you freakin\’ kidding me?  I would have thrown up on the spot.  Did you rip into the "dean" for her incompetence?  Don\’t they do degree checks like all respected colleges?  OMG.  I\’m going to be a basket case before this is all over.  Oh, how do you think your interview went?  LOL!  

  3. Yeah MOM!  Girl, you have no idea how effed up that place is right now.  It\’s a freakin\’ mess.  Everyday he works a shift there, he takes at least an hour when he gets home venting.  It\’s never been that frustrating.Good luck with the job girl!  I hate you are in Dallas.: ) Sue

  4. I just want to say…you go girl!!! Don\’t worry about the small stuff because it\’s all small stuff!  Just remember you know your stuff and you are ready to show it!  Sometimes there is an obstical in the way but go over it girl!  I am so proud of anyone who goes that extra mile.   Good luck to you and remember…You are an awesome person with something to give back to the commuity…And your mom was awesome, too! 

  5. i went to a state college that was known for stuff like that, just be glad you are straightened out now and you don\’t have to go back!

  6. No!! Really?! That\’s about the last thing you need before a personality interview! I would have been livid (and would have gotten a "bad-tempered, don\’t employ" on my report!)  pfft!! I hope everything got sorted out!

  7. Hey you just picked up a new new reader… I\’m bloggin my nursing experience too.  I just got checked off on handwashing…how would you like to be in my shoes?  It was the first time that I ever shook washing my hands…haha
    and I\’m older older….like I\’m 50!! 

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