To get my cats to come running, all I have to do is lift up their bag of cat food. They hear the bag and are at my feet, meowing and purring, within a few seconds. Today while going through the normal feeding routine, I came up with a little experiment for them. I filled the bowl all the way to the top and waited for them to finish eating. They ate what they wanted and then walked away, leaving the bowl almost completely full. I counted to ten, and then picked up the bag again. Within ten seconds:

And yes, they both did eat again. Could this be why Isis’s belly swings back and forth when she runs and Skitz weighs as much as a small dog? Hmm… time to hit the kitty gym.

 Edit: Isis is very upset that I mentioned her belly fat because her boyfriend Manny might be reading. So I take that back, Isis‘s belly does not swing back and forth when she runs. It just sways a little bit.


9 thoughts on “Food?!

  1. SOOOOO!!!!  The all-important question!!!  Is everything worked out transcript-wise?  It sounds like it is…  I sure hope so!  You don\’t need any setbacks!!!  They\’d better not mess this one up!  I worked in the registrar\’s office for a private college and because our offices were in flux between California and Utah (Me being in Utah in the new office), MANY transcripts were lost…  It was horrible, with worst-case scenarios being that our students (who needed to be placed in the proper courses) had to pay $50 or more to replace the missing transcripts and get them in to us.  It went from bad to worse, because the woman who evaluated transcripts was in *Pennsylvania*!!!  Let\’s just say that we had a few more missing transcripts and a few more REALLY perturbed students!!!  :S
    Jonathan said that I could have a kitty…  Now that I have "permission" from my cat-hating husband, I\’m worried that we won\’t actually be able to get one after all…  Money is so dang tight!!  So Skitz and Isis will have to keep doing cute things so you can post my kitty-fix.  🙂
    Scooter IS getting big!!  We marvel at his size.  Lots of people guess that he\’s two years already because he\’s so tall, and so…  solid.  The crazy thing is that he won\’t be *quite* two when the new baby gets here.  🙂  It\’ll be fun to see where he is in his development by that time…  lol

  2. Toby had the same problem, so I started making him go outside with Oscar everyday for exercise torturing the local wildlife.  Worked like a charm.  The swaying beer gut is down to just a little \’extra swag\’.:) Sue

  3. Smokie takes the proactive approach when it comes to meals at our house.  First, she sits by her bowl with her back toward us while tossing a few wistful glances over her shoulder.  When that doesn\’t work, she turns around and stares us down.  Finally, her last resort is to climb someone\’s leg in vain.  It\’s all very annoying.  So I\’m going to try the bag shaking thing… but does that means she\’ll end up with belly fat, too?  Maybe "cat belly swing" is in nowadays.

  4. I love this "romance" with Isis and Manny! Bro had that "belly swing" going on, I\’ve cut him back and made him go outside more…it\’s down now, but Magic is HUGE! Don\’t know how, but she has no belly swing…just is huge all around! lol But they will do the same thing…the old kitty food bag shake gets them where I want them, every time… They\’re getting a lot of exercise, though, running from the children living here, now!

  5. You are awesome!  Thank you sooooooooo much for your help!  Your blogtastic tip worked perfectly!
    The world needs more people like you 🙂

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