Still no calls…

Mike thinks I haven’t heard back from any hospitals because of the email address that I have on my resume. Do you guys see anything wrong with I didn’t think so.   Just kidding, that’s not my email address!

I actually thought of the perfect way to get an ER job. I’ll have Mike injure himself- we have the perfect staircase for that at our apartment- and then I can take him to the ER. Once there, I can wow all of the doctors and nurses with my vast knowledge, then ask them for a job. Foolproof, right?!

I have figured out why no one is calling me back for a job- in Dallas, most large hospital chains make Graduate Nurses enter an internship program. These programs are 8-14 weeks and teach all of the important information for the area you want to go into. I think this is a wonderful thing for hospitals to do- I could definitely use additional classes before being responsible for someone’s life. However, I think that the hospitals should offer these internships when they are convenient to ME, not to the May and December graduates. If I want to work as a nurse, I will have to wait until January. Looks like I better start practicing saying, "Would you like fries with that" in the mirror…


14 thoughts on “Still no calls…

  1. Hi Katie,
    I just read your last two posts and I\’m still laughing! At least the incomplete application had your partygirrrrlllll address on it so they could let you know that it was incomplete….  😉   Today I went in to have some pre-op bloodwork done for surgery next week and my husband went in with me while the nurse explained all about the procedure. I\’m sitting there listening intently and he thought he\’d be a smart alec and asked "Is there any down time? Because she has lawns to mow and garbage to take out." The nurse replied with a straight face, "Well, she shouldn\’t drive or operate any machinery afterwards… like the washing machine, stove, microwave, vacuum etc so you should be there to do it."  Good one!   That\’s neat about the intership programs they have, that would be so helpful. If you have to wait until January, what about trying the Red Cross or one of the urgent care places? Or, there is always the staircase….  😉   Good luck and take care, Barbara

  2. Hello
    My name is Melissa and I am starting the nursing program in Virginia on Monday. I am terrified but I came across your blog last night and it has helped calm me. I am still scared but I am felling beter about it now. I just wanted to say thank you and good luck.

  3. It\’s been a while since I had a chance to visit here. If you\’re having problems finding a job in Dallas, I could get you one in Los Angeles tomorrow – my hospitals (along with all the rest in California) are desperate for good nurses. Be well,

  4. Congratulations!!!  We FINALLY did it!!!  No more SN after our names…now GN!!!  Wish you were here to congratulate in person, but you didn\’t miss much!  WOOHOO — WE\’RE DONE!!!

  5. Partygrrrlll,
    Sounds like you\’re going through the head game, all right. I tell you, it\’s demeaning, these job hunts. If you do end up temporarily at a deep frier, make sure you check the box for Burger Flipper/Undercover Nurse, because it pays better. In any dining room emergency, you can whip out a Heimlich or bust a clog faster than you can say twoallbeefpaddiesspecialsaucelettucecheesepicklesonionsonasesameseedbun. And make it look good.

  6. I love your sense of humor, lol, gotta have that when job searching, especially dealing with on line applications, hehehe, Why aren\’t you going to yoour graduation again? Well Congrats anyway……… to the next step, hugs, Kat

  7. So when do you have to take the NCLEX?  I\’m so worried and scared about finding a job when I\’m done… especially with me being an international student here in the US I have the added headache of figuring out how to get a green card/residency and a job and which I need to do first etc….. ahhh  So it\’s nice having you pave the way a little bit for me!!  Keep us updated on all the things you\’ve had to do!!  Thanks again!

  8. What?! You know, the hospitals should be well aware of the fact that nurses are graduating in the summer, so this May/December thing is just silly!! Out here, people would have been beating down your door to give you a job two months before you graduated!
    Have you looked into Home Health at all? The pay is really good, and you get to be more independent (if that\’s your working style.)
    I\’ll keep my fingers crossed for you!! *hug*

  9. Hi!
    I have been out of work for five weeks now so I certainly can relate to your "Still no calls…" post.  Hang in there–summer is the worst time to find work.  Things should pick up in September…?
    Congrats on being a featured space!
    btw…your email address is no big deal–I\’ve seen worse!

  10. If you are interested in living in the Los Angeles area, and you are looking for an ER job, I will be hiring new grad nurses in February.  You can send me your resume at and I will take a look at it.  Can\’t promise anything, but I will share your resume with other nurse recruiters I know.

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