Great first impression

Last night I decided to work on some online job applications. I started with one for a large Dallas hospital with an opening in the emergency room. I went through the first few pages of the application, filling in the majority of the blanks. When I reached the "References" section, I decided to stop and wait to finish the application until I have contacted all of my references. I want to warn them in advance that they might be getting called. The online application did not have a save button, so I just hit the "X" and closed the whole internet window.
I woke up this morning and got ready to finish my application. I had all of the necessary information in front of me, including the approval from all of my references. I opened my hotmail and saw an email from the hospital I was in the process of applying to. I opened the email expecting it to be a form letter thanking me for starting an application. I was wrong. It was a personalized letter from the human resources department letting me know that the application I had submitted was incomplete. I know it’s incomplete, I haven’t submitted it yet!! Apparently, I had submitted it, and now look like a complete idiot. Who would submit an application without a work history, education history, or any references?! I’m sure that’s what they were thinking when they wrote "REJECT" at the top of my application.   This whole job search thing is not going as planned….

9 thoughts on “Great first impression

  1. Hi Katie!  Sounds like they have an issue with thier web page guy (what\’s his technical titile anyway?).  As an HR professional (doesn\’t that make me sound so important)  I say just resubmit the app.  I\’m sure it happens all the time and I can almost guarantee it was an HR clerk and not the person who will be interviewing you who saw it.  She/he probably gets bombarded with incomplete apps everyday especially if it\’s easy to do and you are no novice on the computer!  Just resumbit and see what happens.  I bet you get the token "Thank you for your interest in our company…..we will review your application promptly…."   Just my "professional opinion"!  :o) 

  2. It ain\’t over yet!  Write back and explain what happened.  In the absolute worst case, you end up without that job anyway, so it couldn\’t hurt.  Maybe they just need a second look… it\’ll show you know how to follow through on an endeavor.

  3. hey katie, all hospitals need nurses so badly that i doubt they will care or even remember, resubmit it, you\’ll do fine!

  4. Errrr, job-hunting! I had forgotten that the entire process is set up to make you feel foolish and paranoid.
    My friend\’s solution is to remember that they all have to sit on the toilet.

  5. I agree, it won\’t be any big deal….just resubmit..I guarantee they\’ve run into this NUMEROUS times…no one ever has all their stuff lined up at first…and everyone is soooo desparate for nurses they won\’t care… You\’ll do great, and probably get a job within one or two days of putting in apps.. And don\’t worry about your work history, etc…the only thing they care about is the initials after your name…GN, RN, etc…If the job wasn\’t a nursing job, they don\’t care! LOL   Good luck!

  6. Resubmit!  You can either 1) submit it again like nothing ever happened 2.) or somehow place a note stating that the incomplete appln was sent in error.   I\’m sure you aren\’t the first one that has happened to.   That\’s a silly system they got going on.  Don\’t worry they will be so wowed by your credentials and GPA  anyways.

  7. Go ahead and resubmit. I too made the very same mistake on one of those online apps…I have been working at that hospital since January now.

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