Work experience

Now that the excitement of finishing school is over, I have
to face the reality of finding a job. I know that there is a nursing shortage,
but for some reason, that does not make finding a nursing job an easy task.
Before I can turn in my resume, I need to make my work history look good. My
first job after graduating was "Office Assistant." I started as a
receptionist and moved up to stocking plastic spoons, coffee, and coffee cups.
Yes, this is what my 4.0 GPA in psychology got me. 🙂  How do I describe
this on my resume though? At that job, people would get extremely upset if I
stocked the coffee too low and they had to bend down to get a new bag- or they
would come close to having a heart attack if the spoons ran out. Would it be
too much of a stretch then to say that my Office Assistant job gave me
experience in:
~ the ICU : the coffee I stocked could probably count for a few employees’ life
~ the ER : "Oh, no! We are out of coffee! Someone call Katie, STAT!"
~ Pediatrics : a few people acted like children when the hot chocolate would
run out
~ Psych : I think everyone gets experience in this area from dealing with their


7 thoughts on “Work experience

  1. Hey Katie, congradulations on finishing nursing school!!!!!!!!! You have definitely given me the hope and inspiration I need to get through it as well. I only have two semesters left and God willing will graduate in May \’07. We start back to school Monday and I\’m not looking forward to it but I\’m ready to get it over with. Anyway, congradulations again and I wish you good luck and a very prosperous career.

  2. Dear Katie,  I\’ve been keeping up with your stories and lessons from nursing school.  I can relate with your stories so well.  You are a true inspiration, and will be a great nurse as well.  Congratulations on graduating from nursing school!!!  I\’m doing my prereq\’s in college before I can get into the nursing program as well.  I have a Bachelors in Business Administration and the jobs that were available led me to the reality that I really wanted to be a nurse as well.  That\’s why I think it\’s funny when you wrote this last blog.  You are such a crack up, and a wonderful teacher on the fun things in life.  I hope the best for you in finding a job where you want to be.Brian

  3. You could add
    Proctology: You learned how to deal with people who were a real pain in the…
    Obstetrics: Having kittens because there is no coffee?!!! I can help!
    Cardiology: Oh, just go have a heart attack! It\’s only coffee!
    🙂 Congrats on finishing school!

  4. If you come up with good euphemisms, please pass them on, because I\’m currently padding a friend\’s resume… and it\’s a tall order. (Shhh… he doesn\’t know I hang out online.) Little did I know what I was letting myself in for.
    I got stuck right after Stapler Technician (and I\’m pretty proud of that one).

  5. Katie, looks like you are going to be featured on MSN SPACES again, WOO-HOO! You deserve it. Yours is the best blog I\’ve ever read.
    Don\’t sweat the soap machine too much. You can always blame it on the casino drinks. My uncle, on the other hand, had a parrot who hated and constantly outwitted me. Vile fowl! He cared not at all about my Masters degree, cum laude.

  6. (Mannyed)
    Haha, that\’s a good start!  
    Wahoo, on the MSN editor comment!  This time you won\’t be in the midst of finals! 

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