And I have two degrees?

I was at the casino last week and their restroom sinks had motion-sensors for the soap and the water. I was washing my hands and when I was done, I looked down and I still had soap on the back of my left hand. I rinsed my hands under the water again to get the soap off. To my surprise, the soap was still on the back of my hand. "They must have to use some weird soap in these automatic dispensers," I thought. Getting frustrated, I again rinsed my hands off, this time paying close attention to the back of my hand to make sure I wasn’t missing the spot with all the soap. That’s when I realized what was happening: as I was rinsing my hands, I was triggering the soap dispenser to shoot soap at me.

10 thoughts on “And I have two degrees?

  1. LOL!  I hate those sensors.  They are so annoying.  I can\’t get the water to stay on most of the time.  grrr…    Like the banner.  That\’s new..  right?  Looks very cool.: ) Sue

  2. I hate it when technology kicks my a**! That is totally something that would happen to me, but I would probably take a little longer to figure out what was going on. 🙂

  3. OMG that is sooo funny!  My kids love the bathroom technology…perhaps if I had those sensors in my bathroom they\’d wash their hands more often and use less water!!! 

  4. And you start work as a nurse, when??? lol I love it when I realize I just did a stupid…did you look around to see if anyone figured it out? lol Glad you\’re getting a little time to decompress!

  5. hi katie congratulations!!    just left the airport a few hours ago i had to figure out the soap thingy too, but at the next airport bathroom i stood there like a nut with my hand out for like 30 seconds too long before i realized that this one was not automatic!

  6. LOL!  This new technology stuff can be annoying sometimes eh?!
    A while back you gave me the name of website where you could buy textbooks online.  Could you remind me what site that was?  I can\’t seem to find that post.

  7. I have a question for you.  Is it true that there is a conversion test that you must get 100% on and, you only have one try, or you get kicked out of the program?  I\’m sure this is a nasty rumor, but it\’s scary!

  8. Re: Drug calc tests.
    I asked one of our Sr. students today in orientation about this.  She said that there are drug calc tests, but you can retake them unlimited times in a given week.  If you don\’t get 100%, you fail. "Yikes!"

  9. I love my pet turtle! She is rather low maintenance and has tons of personality. She begs for food like a dog, comes to the side of her cage when we are there, and loves to dig, climb, and swim around with plants on her head.
    I don\’t know how old she was when I bought her, but she has grown since purchasing. My guess is that she was probably around one. In captivity, I believe her breed (Reeve\’s turtle) is supposed to live around 30 to 40 years and I think that she is about 20.
    Enjoy your box turtle! I am sure that it will make the best pet!

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