On Monday, a Code Blue was called on one of the Med/Surg floors, so several of the ER staff responded to help. I followed them and was in the room watching and learning. Unfortunately, after over thirty minutes of CPR and medications, the man did not survive. The whole experience was nothing like I expected. No one was panicked or running around, it was actually a well-coordinated event, very similar to a business meeting. The doctor in charge would say, "I’m going to give ____ (drug), does everyone agree?" He might as well have been saying, "I think we should go with this contractor for our project.." At first I thought everyone was extremely cold- didn’t they realize this was a man’s life they were talking about?! But the more I watched, the more I realized that the only way to save a life in a situation like this is for everyone to stay calm, work together as a team, and do everything accurately. When I participate in my first Code, I hope I can play it off like I’m that calm too!

On Wednesday, I asked an elderly patient if he had any drug allergies, and he responded, "No, and I also want you to know that I am not allergic to cute young nurses like yourself either." Hmm…. Is that a call light in the next room? Gotta go!

Oh, did I mention that I am no longer a student nurse?!  I haven’t officially graduated- graduation isn’t until the 19th, but I don’t plan on going, so I am completely done! All that is left is the NCLEX (licensing exam) and I will be an official RN with a Bachelor’s of Science in Nursing. I thought about changing the name of my site, since I am no longer a student, but too many people still find me by googling "Confessions of a student nurse."

Once I finished my Capstone hours, I packed up my car and left for Dallas. Although I have been looking forward to graduating and restarting my life with Mike, saying bye to my parents and friends for the second time was extremely hard. My mom is my best friend, and not being able to see her whenever I want breaks my heart. And I have been spoiled by having my dad, who is a doctor, around to help explain anything I don’t understand.

On the way to Dallas, I drove by the hospital where we had our very first clinical. Seeing the building made me smile- the first time I saw it I was a scared student nurse, who had no idea what she was doing. Now I am a scared graduate nurse who still has no idea what she is doing.   😉    I started thinking about those first few days of clinical, back when even walking into a patient’s room was a scary task. My classmates and I went through a lot together- from dealing with our first patient dying before we even touched her to spending thirty minutes putting a diaper on an elderly woman BACKWARDS, we have been there for each other through the laughter and the tears. I will miss you guys.


17 thoughts on “Changes

  1. Wow! What a day…CONGRATULATIONS!!!! Now you\’re a GN! That\’s a scary thought, isn\’t it? lol  Cool code..I was on the code team for 15 years…you have to keep in complete control to be able to coordinate and do everything you can for the patient to survive.. But, I guarantee you, inside you are Shakin\’ and a-Quakin\’!!! And you Collapse later! Especially the first several you do…It\’s an awesome responsibility we take on. Good luck and Lord bless you as you walk this road and take this on…
    *big hug*

  2. Oh Katie, congratulations!!!!  What wonderful and magical news!!!  Nurse Katie…it sounds so great!  Hearing your news gave me goose bumps all over as I can imagine your sense of accomplishment and fullfillment.  I look forward to hearing all about your Capstone as it has been a real treat so far.  Best of luck to you and Mike and your future!!!!
    Many hugs and cheers to you!!!!

  3. Congratulations Katie!  You are going to be an awesome Nurse and the people in Dallas are lucky to have you!  Good Luck on the NCLEX even though we all know you will pass it with probably the highest mark ever! 

  4. Congrats! Are you sure you want to skip your graduation ceremony though? I think, just THINK, you might regret it later. Doesn\’t your family want to see youparticipate and be able to say "That\’s my (daughter)(Neice)(friend) up there! She worked so hard for this!"?

  5. Congratulations Katie!  But don\’t even tell me you\’ve moved!  I would have pushed the triplets aside for a time if I had known.  They would have survived a day!  If you are staying in Dallas, we need to try again when you come visit.  I am so excited for you.  The beginning of your life now!  Regarding the elderly guy?  Eh, they are harmless.  They are old and just lookin\’ for some fun banter.  My dad used to like ride the scooters at Home Depot at go after the women working the floor.  He would flirt a bit and then go find another one.  Harmless, but he got such a kick out of it.  A little fun in his otherwise painful and depressing day.  It makes their day if you flirt back a bit.  : )Congratulations again girl!: ) Sue

  6. Hey Congrats on school. If you freak on your first code don\’t feel bad. We have had three codes in one week (all people I know and no saves) and all you can do is fake calm and do your job. You are going to be a great nurse.

  7. Hey Katie!  Congratulations that is wonderful news!  You have come so far in a year.  I wish you luck on the NCLEX.  You will do great.  Dallas is lucky to have you there!

  8. Congratulations Katie! You are going to be a fantastic nurse and I wish you much happiness in your new profession and your life with Mike. Your site is very inspiring and I have really enjoyed visiting as you shared your journey.  You will do great on the NCLEX and your career. The nursing profession and your patients are fortunate to have you. Congratulations again on your accomplishments!

  9. Katie! Wow, I am so extremely proud of you! I\’ve been following your blog since its inception and can not believe that your days of student nursing are over!  The world has a brand new RN and I am very confident that you will have a long, rewarding career.  You worked your tail off to meet your goals,  you saw first hand the kinds of nurses out there and decided for  yourself which one you will be and I hope you stay true to that.   Best wishes for you, Katie! You deserve all the successes in the world.  Much luck in Dallas and on your NCLEX. 
    Gina and Manny

  10. Hello from VA Katie!  I think last time I wrote you, I was still in Miami.  Like many readers here, I\’ve been following your story from its conception.  I think I\’m completely hooked to your blog… in fact, yours is the only one I read!  You\’re a sweet, funny girl who will do very well as a nurse.  Maintain your sense of humor and kindness.  Please keep your fans posted on your progress and results!  ~Julia

  11. You are an inspiration, Katie!  Congratulations and I wish you all of the best in your exam.  (Not that you will need it, of course.)  And if you decide to create a new blog to reflect your new status, your faithful visitors (and Google hits) are sure to follow.
    Big cheers to you!!

  12. Congratulations!  I have been enjoying reading your posts although I have no interest in nursing!  I hope to hear about your experiences as an RN!

  13. Katie, instead of changing the name of your site, why not just add another word? Confessions of a (Former) Student Nurse?

  14. Hmm……as a nurse myself I happened upon your blog and descided to read.  I can totally relate and can tell you to get used to inappropriate comments from little old men.  I remember placing telemetry back on my patient (an elderly man) and was reaching under his gown to attach the leads.  When I was done hooking him up he said "now when is it my turn to do it to you"   Here\’s hoping you keep the same desire you have for nursing now far down the road.

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