Anger management

Back when I was in high school, I remember going out to restaurants with groups of friends and getting frustrated at the waitresses. Why did they always take so long to bring us our food? The worst part was when we would see them standing around talking instead of waiting on us. We’re hungry!! Once I started waiting tables in college though, I quickly realized that the waitress has no control over what goes on in the kitchen. If you have a slow cook, your tables are going to have to wait. Why didn’t I think of that before? And why didn’t any of my customers seem to realize that simple fact either?
I see this same situation occur in the ER all the time. Patients have to wait several hours to be seen, and they take this out on the nurses. We can’t move any faster than the doctors! And you shouldn’t get upset at the doctors for taking their time with each patient, because you expect them to spend the necessary time with you too… 
I think that we all need to step back when we are getting upset about something and question what we are really mad at. Don’t take your anger out on the wrong person, especially if she is about to poke you with a needle. 😉

Things have been great in the ER. I have become a pro at IV’s, and haven’t missed one since Vicki showed me the proper way to start them. I have seen more things in these last few days than in all of my clinicals combined. The best part was that I got to be there while Vicki helped another nurse save a patient’s life. I pretty much just stayed out of the way and handed the nurses what they needed, but just being there was enough of a rush for me!


8 thoughts on “Anger management

  1. Doing IV\’s, I have counseled people that the dumbest thing you can do is piss someone off that will be coming at you with a needle!! You want them to like you at that moment!! Glad you\’re learning so much and getting to see so much..

  2. My Little Ponies….I loved that show!
    You were right on with the kind of shows I was talking about…any old shows..cartoons, game shows..etc!
    See…I told you that you would learn more in your ER Capstone than everything else will know more than your other students that are doing their Captstones in another field!
    As HE-MAN would say….."I HAVE THE POWER"
    And as Dr. Laura would say  .."NOW GO DO THE RIGHT THING"

  3. so proud of you for coming so far, those skills will be amazing to have as a new grad! congratulations! for the record it took me two years as an Rn to really start putting in iv\’s.

  4. Your side of the ER waiting game is interesting.  I never thought of it that way, but it just seems so wrong to wait hours upon hours in an EMERGENCY room, you know?  I don\’t blame the doctors or Nurses.  I guess I put the blame on hospitals.  Perhaps they need more doctors on call. 

  5. Katie,
    This is all really exciting to read about. I\’m very happy for you. And to think that you only did your first IV a couple weeks ago, right? You go!
    Abe Munder

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