One of the perks of being an ER nurse is that you get to hear a lot of interesting stories from people who have somehow or another hurt themselves. From these stories, I have learned what not to do:
~ Sit outside drinking nothing but beer all day in 99 degree weather
~ Slide tackle somebody in a parking lot full of broken glass
~ Stick your finger into a pipe to measure its diameter
~ Jump out of a moving car
~ Close the car door with your hand still in it
~ Anything your friend tells you if it starts with the words, "I dare you…"
~ Whatever it is you are currently doing if your friend says, "I need to watch you so I know what to tell the paramedics."

10 thoughts on “Lessons

  1. You may be in suburbia, but you are going to have some good stories to tell!  Can\’t wait to hear them!
    : ) Sue

  2. You have just spoiled all my plans for this weekend–what am I going to do now?
    Seriously, I did that close your hand in a door thing–not pretty.

  3. Katie, it sounds like you are cleaning up after a shoot of "Cops." Make that a greatest hits episode of "Cops." Thanks for the laughs. Only thing is, I\’m running out of space on my hands and arms to write all these great reminders.
    Abe Munder

  4. Oh the lessons you will learn, I\’m sure you wont have many dull moments.
    Thanks for stoping by my place and leaving such a comforting comment. I promise my site isn\’t always so dark and depressing (or whiny), ha ha.  

  5. WHOOOO IV GURU!!!! I hate IV\’s. I can do them to other people…and can watch you do them to other people..but the hell if your doing one to me.( not you personally I might trust you) I will fight an IV with all that I am. Let me do it and were good!
    I have the juciest veins in the world but I\’ll be damned if 99% of the people out there go right through my vein an into my muscle…PULLING STANDS OF MUSCLE OUT THE HOLE through my vein.
    I will do it myself thank you…What??? What\’s that..I will die if you don\’t do it..Well…ok I want to be buried in my pink sundress!
    You gave me an idea for a blog!! Thank you!!!

  6. Isn\’t it amazing what stupid things people will do? And, in ER you get to see aaaaaaaallllll of them!  In other areas you only get to see the really serious stupid ones, but in ER, you get them all!! What I can\’t believe  is, they admit it right out loud what they did!! LOL What an amazing time you\’re having!

  7. Welcome back Nurse 4 Reel!
    I\’m not surprised to see you back- although you call me a loser and
    leave rude comments, you obviously are entertained by what I write or you
    wouldn\’t take the time to visit. And the farther back you go in my postings to
    leave comments, the more you prove my point. Even if you are entertained by how
    "cheesy" you think I am or how stupid my stories are, there is
    something that draws you to my site. And that is very flattering, no matter
    what foul things you type. Enjoy!


    You are so right, you dear sweet child. I am ashamed of my past actions. Since my last postings, back in November, I have retired from the nursing profession after only four short years and now tour the country giving young student nurses like yourself advice on how to cope with the stresses of nursing. Please tell me that I can come do a speaking engagement in your city and finally we can meet face to face and give each other a long overdue hug…..

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