Mary, RN

My little sister just passed the NCLEX (licensing exam for nurses)!!! I am so proud of you Mary!!

7 thoughts on “Mary, RN

  1. Congratulations to your sister!!!  Can\’t wait until we can say the same!!  We\’re quickly nearing the end…let\’s hope we\’ve learned what we need for the NCLEX!!  I tried to call you, but maybe you\’re out celebrating!

  2. Congratulations to your sis!  Keepin\’ it in the fam!  You two will lots of stories to share.
    I\’m free all day Thurs.  Name time and place if your free.  I\’m there.
    : ) sue

  3. CONGRATULATIONS, MARY, RN… Now I can reveal the RN secret that I\’m sure NO ONE knows… *whispers loudly* ..RN stand for Registered NUTS!!!!!! No hiding it anymore!!! You are, or soon will be, certifiable! LOL
    Congrats, Can\’t wait for yours Katie…

  4. Thank you katie! i still have the biggest smile on my face! Can\’t wait to celebrate your passing!
    Mary RN!!!!

  5. Congrats to Mary! It\’s a great accomplishment! Now, I ask that you please send positive thoughts my way….I take the Nclex on the 7th of August! I\’ll keep you posted! NJNurse :0D

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