I had an incredible time at my clinical today! It was a long day- I was at school or in the hospital from 9am-11pm, but it was worth it. I loved almost everything about it. My preceptor Vicki (the nurse I work with) is amazing- she is patient, knows her stuff, and is a wonderful teacher. The chemistry among the staff, including the ER doctors, is fun to be around, and for the first time at any clinical I felt like one of the nurses instead of some idiot hanging around waiting to ask a stupid question. My feet hurt and my back aches, but I am still smiling! It was embarrassing to tell Vicki that I have never started an IV or a catheter on a patient before, and although she was stunned by the news, she said that she could teach me how. Other than that, the only time I really embarrassed myself was when I accidentally walked into a glass window (there was a screen covering it and I thought there was a door there).
Wednesday is the big day- I will actually be starting all the IV’s! Keep your fingers crossed for me (and your veins hidden). 😉

4 thoughts on “Amazing!

  1. YAY!!!  Congratulations girl!  Glad it\’s a good ER. 
    Make sure your first victim has good veins to begin to with; take a deep breath and act like it\’s something you\’ve done a million times.  oh yeah, don\’t do first I.V. on a screamer or a puncher.  That might not be a good thing.  LOL. 
    How exciting.  Katie:  ER NURSE!  Gotta nice ring to it, eh?
    : ) Sue

  2. Yeaaaaa! I\’m so glad you\’ll have a good ER rotation…. You can learn more there than most places. Good luck on the IV\’s…You\’ll do great…Have a wonderful time!

  3. Best of luck tomorrow, Katie! ER, that\’s exciting — talk about the real world. You certainly have the enthusiasm and energy. It\’s inspiring to read.

  4. I am so glad to hear that your last clinical rotation will be so "comfortable".  Chemistry is important at the work place, and when there is bad chemistry between two or more coworkers, it can cause a problem for everyone. 
    Anyway, good luck with the IVs, I am sure you will do great.  We will be doing venapuncture this week too for the first time, so wish me luck too! 🙂
    Desert Imaging

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