The big day is finally here- I start my Capstone in the ER tomorrow!! I will be working with one ER nurse, Vicki, for the next five weeks. I will work all of her 12-hour shifts with her, and hopefully learn a lot. Because I will be dealing with patients again, I’m sure I’ll have plenty of experiences to write about. I hope that each entry begins with, "Today was amazing…" but as you all know, "Today was so embarrassing…" is much more common on my site. 😉

12 thoughts on “Finally!

  1. Katie!
    I am so glad that you will have more stories!  I check your blog everyday and I am disappointed (but I understand) when there is nothing new to read.  🙂
    I work in a mid-sized hospital ER and I LOVE my job.  I have learned so much.  The variety is probably my favorite thing… I also like the element of surprise – not knowing what will be coming in next. 
    Keep us posted on your experiences in the ER – you have such a great way of observing life with humor.  I\’ve missed your stories!

  2. How exciting, Katie!  I can\’t wait to read whatever you post, whether it\’s amazing or embarrassing.  You must be so excited about working in the ER…?

  3. Katie…
    I found you from Vanita\’s space… and yes, it has taken me this long to get around to reading and writing…
    I am an R.N. with a BSN, now with 27 years experience!!!! Started in the E.R. then CCU then high risk OB/labor and delivery and have worked OB/GYN for 25 years…. I now do GYN triage & am the infertility coordinator in a busy 5 physician/5 ARN P practice.
    LOVE the pace of the E.R…. constant learning… I love it!!! Enjoy it Katie… soak it all up… and bring on the stories… most embarassing stories have an amazing message in them somewhere… but I have a button in my office that says "OH NO, not another learning experience!"

  4. I\’m so excited to hear about your ER capstone!  I\’m sure that everything will be great.  Good Luck!
    Charis :o)

  5. Great job on all of your hard work over the last year!!  I hope you LOVE your capstone!  I am looking forward to mine…other than the tease of working days only to have to start back on nights upon graduation.  I guess if I was willing to settle for a less desirable job, I might be able to get a day job.  Regardless, the countdown is looking better every day!!  41 days to freedom!!  Less for you if you don\’t go to pinning! 🙂

  6. katie-very happy for you i know you have been looking forward to being in the er! your big day is my big day as well, i turn 30 on july 10th!  i\’m sure the er will be fast paced and overwellming at times, but we know our katie, super student nurse can handle it! or at least get through it and come out a better nurse!

  7. OMG! That means you start TODAY! I hope you have a great start…dieing (should I use dieing on a Nurse\’s blog?) to hear all about your days in the ER!

  8. YIPPPE SKIPPY!!!!! Have fun Katie! Take everything you see and hear and put your own special Katie Touch to it! Your gonna be great! I look forward to reading your entries..I have missed them so much!

  9. Hi Katie,
    Well, you should be finishing up your first day in the ER right about now.  How did it go?  I am sure at this point everything is just a blur.  I am sure you did great though and really impressed your CI with your vast knowledge in nursing science.  😉 
    Anyway, cant wait to hear about it.
    X-ray Tech Student

  10. woo hoo we can\’t wait to have you as our nurse katie…. :o)
    don\’t forget to learn something new everyday, that\’s what i tell my kids and to try to have fun.

  11. Hi Katie! 
    Hope you survived your first day in the ER!  I spent a few hours in the ER last night with my grandpa.  It was a zoo!!!!  So many codes, Flight Guard came in with a critical case, lots and lots of patients under the influence, two sick babies that cried and cried, and one toddler skipping the halls singing "twinkle twinkle little star".  I can\’t imagine you being bored!!!!!  Hope you loved it!!!  Can\’t wait to hear your stories!

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