Time warp

I just got back home from Dallas. There was some confusion at the airport, and I can safely say I will never fly with American Airlines again. Here is an example of just how off things were today- this is an email update from Orbitz:

American Airlines flight 2046 is delayed.  Departure from Dallas/Fort
Worth International (DFW) is now estimated at 10:45PM Gate A20.
Estimated arrival at Kansas City International (MCI) is now 10:40PM
Gate 76.


11 thoughts on “Time warp

  1. Airport trouble is not fun! Last time I flew they lost my baggage on BOTH departing and returning flights.  The luggage that had all my med supplies and most of my meds.  Lets just say those two weeks in California didn\’t go as planned.  Hope it all worked out for you in the end.  I also hope you had a great holiday weekend.

  2. What? That makes no sense?  Airlines are terrible about that kind of stuff! I think the gas prices made them fire all the intelligent well paid people and hire the stoopit low paid people instead!

  3. Sorry for the airline trouble…but I\’m glad you made it back!  Only one more day of your leadership clinical!!  That\’s reason to celebrate!  I go to orient at my capstone tomorrow — yeah!!  The manager sounded really nice on the phone, let\’s just hope she\’ll like me enough to offer me a job! 🙂  I\’ll email you the best part about my capstone….haha!

  4. I took a short, connecting flight from Dallas to a small town in TX.  The flight is usually 30-40 minutes.  As we\’re boarding, they announce that instead we\’re flying to a different town an hours drive away.  From there, we were to take a provided chartered bus to the airport we were suppossed to be flying to.  It gets worse…. as we\’re on the bus, they have us wait for over an hour for the flight after us to board so that we can use the same bus.  No problem with that, right?  The flight AFTER us flew directly from Dallas to the correct airport, so we were waiting in vain .. Soo frustrating.  This was also American.

  5. Thanks Katie for the photo album help. For the life of me I could not figure it out! Now..I feel so stupid!!
    Hope things are going well on your end and your trip to Dallas was enjoyable and relaxing.

  6. Nothing like a stressful flight home to negate the relaxation of a trip away. Sorry that happened — but I hope the holiday with your family was a good one.

  7. AA is good for only ONE thing.  Free airline tx.  You wait to be one of the last ones on the plane and hope they once again overbooked.  If they need to bump people, volunteer once it gets to 200 or 250 voucher.  Free trip!  That\’s how we travelled when the girls were school age and every other trip was free.  We never lost any time.  Sometimes we arrived before our originally scheduled flight.  Crazzzyyy. 
    Thanks for your \’nurturing\’ girl.  you are so sweet.  I\’d love to meet ya for coffee if you aren\’t busy.  It would be fun.  let me know how crazy your schedule is.
    : ) Sue

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