Not so tough after all

Have you ever tried to staple at least five sheets of paper together with your non-dominant hand? This should be simple, right? Well I can’t do it. Can you? If it is really easy for you, it’s ok to lie and say you can’t so I don’t feel so stupid.

And just in case you were wondering, no I haven’t been gone for the last week because I  injured myself trying to staple things with my left hand. That was only a minor injury. 🙂   I’ve actually been studying and my clinical has been pretty uneventful, which is why I was trying to find new ways of stapling papers. I’ve also found several different techniques for the extremely important task of placing a pillow inside a pillowcase. And I was worried that this clinical would be a waste of valuable time!


12 thoughts on “Not so tough after all

  1. I stapled my finger in 2nd grade… and passed out right there in the classroom.  See why I couldn\’t work in the medical field? 🙂  Best of luck with the studying!

  2. Listen, a few weeks ago I actually chomped my own fingers while eating pizza. As you can tell, I\’m no brain surgeon.
    So as for the stapler, take the keys away from me!

  3. Sounds like you are really learning some good stuff now!  I\’ve stapled my finger before, and I also cannot staple with my non-dominant hand.  weird.
    : ) Sue

  4. Don\’t feel bad.  I cut my finger nail while shaving the other day
    and now I have a huge gap in my nail that hurts!  I also cut my
    other finger while pruning my roses.  I\’m not allowed to play with
    sharp objects anymore 😦

    And…who knew there was specific way to put on a pillowcase?  I
    just learned by being threatened to lose points if I didn\’t follow
    procedure. WTF???

    Have a good one Katie!

  5. You know, you looked really cute in your previous profile pic.  But, I have to admit, looking at the one you have now, I can\’t miss the other one.  What a wonderful picture to display!  It says so much!
    I haven\’t tried the left-handed (for me left is non-dominant) staple yet.  But I\’m going to have 911 pre-dialed so I just have to hit "Send" if I do.
    I only know of two ways to get a pillow into the case.  The under-the-chin way (standard), and the shoulder-deep in the case trying to get the corners where they belong way.  Please share your vast knowledge of this subject!  The world needs to know! 😉

  6. I guess you don\’t think of the different ways to do a pillow after a few years of doing it the "nursing" way! Fun, huh? And believe me…someday you\’ll look back on this clinical with fondness!

    Making the hospital beds! FUN!!!! If they can actually prove to me that you can keep germs from spreading by making a bed that way I will take my shirt off and wave it above my head and yell WOOO HOOO!
    Do you know how many of us shook the pillow getting it into the pillow case? Amazing..none of our patients died from a staph infection that spread do to pillow case shaking!
    The HORROR!!!!

  8. Hey there!  I used to stop by here now and then months and months ago.  Then my space crashed.  So I created another one and then it crashed.  Gotta love msn.  I lost everything, along with several links to other spaces, like yours for example.  I just happened to find you again through someone else\’s space.  Good to see ya! LOL 
    I\’ll be back again – unless my space crashes.
    God bless : )

  9. hey katie… i know you will make a great nurse someday soon. don\’t ever forget to sympathise with the patient and to at least make them feel like they are human…. take care.

  10. katie, please tell me she isn\’t in as much pain as her first week. I need some good news here…. lol…. this sucks and mentally i feel like doing what i used to as far as walking and doing things around the house and the moment i go to my body fails me….. :o) so some good long weekend news would be nice. something to look forward to …
    have a great long weekend.. well it\’s canada day tomorrow and i\’m not sure if you guys are celebrating the 4th this weekend…

  11. I must say I have never tried stapling things with my non-dominant hand… and by golly now that I have the urge to, I don\’t have the materials!!  😀 
    I\’m SO EXCITED for you that you get to do your capstone in ER!!  You really will get all of the knowledge you "should" have been learning over the whole course of your education, right?  🙂  You\’ll be one tired girl when you\’ve finished that, but you\’ll have your degree!! 
    We\’re up and running…  I decided (finally!) that instead of CLOSING the site, we\’re making it private.  If you want to come over, you\’re welcome to make a request and I\’ll letcha in!!!  😀

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