What goes up must come down

Although the whole idea of our "leadership and management" clinical puts me in a bad mood, there have been some funny moments. When a doctor is performing a colonoscopy, he puts a lot of air into the intestines. During check-in, the nurses explain this to each patient and tell them that they will not be allowed to leave until the air has started coming back out. It is funny to watch the patients’ faces when they realize what this means- they can’t leave until the nurses have heard them fart. The men don’t seem to mind this so much, but the women turn red or immediately state, "I won’t do that here." The nurses always smile and say, "Yes you will!" In the three days I have been in the clinic, I have to say that the nurses have been right every time!

11 thoughts on “What goes up must come down

  1. God, sometimes I love what we do to people!!!!! You know, sometimes nursing is just FUN…..lol….And this is a benign thing, anyway…at least it doesn\’t involve putting a needle in someone…just makes them fart! I have a friend I\’d love to put in there.. any time anyone "passes gas" he turns 3 shades of red and gets soooo embarrassed! BTW,  I think you ought to sneak around and learn IV\’s anyway….

  2. Well, I\’ve been seeing you all over  the blog world, and you stole my name (Ok, mine\’s spelled different), so I came over here to see what the fuss was about.  And dangit if you didn\’t make me laugh on my first visit. 
    My friend worked for a proctologist for awhile and won\’t say the word "impacted" any more because of it.  That\’s also why she decided NOT to become a doctor.

  3. My husband has crohn\’s so we spend a good bit of time in the endoscopy lab of Decatur General hospital.. Curtains separate the beds. It\’s like a fart fest most days in there. lol…The funniest part is that not a one of them will remember it once the Vercet (sp) wears off…lol
    Have a blessed weekend

  4. In my case, I had to pass gas to get my gastric tube out (it went through my nose – very, VERY uncomfortable).  By the second night, I was crying and praying "PLEASE DEAR LORD…LET ME FART!!! – I want this tube OUT!!!"  It was quite funny now that I look back at it.  I had appendicitis and my intestines had pulled apart from horseplaying with the teens on a camping trip last year.

  5. Girl, you can\’t help it!  It comes out whether you want it to or not. 
    Where you are being assigned to should be good.  Suburban type ER so good place to start out.  Dweeb said it should be a lot of family practice type stuff instead of tons of trauma or crap.  Congratulations again! 
    : ) Sue

  6. Hubby has had a couple of colonoscopies in the last few years.  They are not fun tests for either the patient or the support person.  But the ONLY part my hubby enjoyed was the part where he had to fart long and loud before they would let him go home.  I think he was an over achiever in that department. 
    I\’ve often thought that if it weren\’t for the blood and guts stuff, that I\’d like to be a nurse.  I\’m very excited about your choice of career and I love all your nursing stories. 

  7. very funny story, not my experience however, maybe i\’m just dealing with a different section of the population, my guys fart in midsentence, don\’t even seem to care or notice, and keep right on talking….maybe its the medical floor thing?

  8. They would have to order my mother breakfast lunch and dinner and get ready for a diamond. Becuase there is no way that woman would ever fart in front of anyone. My father said in 45 years of marriage he has never heard her fart.

  9. You know, actually, once someone gets over the embarrassment about it, farting is rather fun. It\’s a natural process, but we have been brainwashed to think it\’s so vulgar and nasty. I don\’t rip any out in public (if I can help it), but at home I don\’t mind and certainly one should feel fart-safe in a medical situation! And if I DO happen to fart in public (usually caused by pressure from coughing), I simply say a polite "excuse me" and then try to keep a straight face.
    Marvelous entry!  Got me laughing like mad.

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