Crazy world?

The clinical I am in right now is called "Leadership and Management." We were each assigned to a nursing manager, and we have to follow him or her around for sixty-four hours. Most nurse managers do the scheduling, billing, budget, etc. and have very limited contact with the patients. Hmm… I graduate in two months and I still have a ton of skills to learn, yet they are making me follow someone around who doesn’t have contact with patients? I would be perfectly fine with spending one or two days with a manager to get a sense of what they do, but eight full days? Wow. The manager I work with runs a GI lab and is wonderful- she is energetic, friendly and great with her staff. However, I really want to learn how to be a nurse!! These last two days are going to look great on my resume if I ever decide to be a receptionist again. But answering phones and compiling blank papers for patient charts? This clinical is starting to stack right up there with our forced volunteering in terms of preparing me to be a good nurse. To make matters worse, every patient who comes into the GI lab has to have an IV started. As soon as I realized this I got really excited- I will finally get to start an IV on a patient!!! One of the nurses used to work on an IV team and was excited to teach me, but my instructor said "no." I was at clinicals to learn how to be a manager, not to learn clinical skills. I won’t even begin to tell you what I think about this because I agreed to keep my site family friendly when it was featured last year. I did get to watch a student from another nursing school as she started several IV’s today. I don’t think I could have possibly been more jealous than I was while watching the nurses teach her how to do IV’s. I think I’m going to ask if I can come in after my clinical rotation is over and have her teach me- I don’t see how my instructor would ever find out. Ohh… I’m such an evil nursing student, planning to come in to get extra clinical practice behind my teacher’s back! Should I feel like I’m breaking the rules by wanting to learn? LOL.. it’s a crazy world. Or maybe it’s just crazy instructors? I’ll let you decide.

3 thoughts on “Crazy world?

  1. Wow – I wish you were \’my\’ student! you sound keen and willing to pitch right in to be the best you can be!

  2. That stinks Katie.  I have gotten to do IV\’s in OB, and the charge even requested I do it.  I also got to go into a C-section of a preemie, etc.  If it something the "leadership" would do then we can do it, right?  Well, in my case, if I hadn\’t done it, they would have or did.  I was with them the whole time.  Maybe you could use that to get around it 😉  I sure hope so, it would be a great opportunity for you.  However, don\’t fret, if for some reason you can\’t, you should get a TON of them in the ER.  It seems like almost every patient needs one.  You might also get to do a catheter (that is where I got to do my first one).  Fingers crossed for you. 

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