I just found out that I get to do my Capstone in the ER!! Capstone is our very last clinical, and it is where we are going to learn the most. We are assigned to a preceptor (an experienced nurse) who agrees to work with us for 180 hours. We work their shifts with them for six weeks. I am extremely excited about this for many reasons, including getting one-on-one attention, working with a nurse who wants to have a student (not one who found out at the start of her shift that she has one), and hopefully finally getting some clinical skills figured out! The ER is going to be an excellent learning opportunity, and I really believe that once I am done with my Capstone, I will be able to confidently go into a job interview and say that I am prepared to be a nurse. I can’t wait for July 10th!!


14 thoughts on “ER!!!

  1. I\’m really jealous!!!  We don\’t get to have a Capstone or anything like that!  So I really hope stuff comes together a bit better for me next semester!!  Congrats on getting the ER!! 

  2. YAY! I\’m glad your excited about this!!  Hope its a great experience for you!  Your kitty seems to share in your excitement!!

  3. Okay, the picture of the cat made me laugh the minute your page loaded on my computer.  First off, how did you get a picture of that?  And second, who/what was the cat attacking?!  Too funny.
    Congrats on the ER assignment.  Sounds really exciting.  I can\’t wait to hear all the great stories about this clinical!

  4. Congratulations!  I hope you can end your schooling with a great experience!  It will probably be more motivating to jump into the nursing field after you graduate!
    I worked as a volunteer greeter in the ER in Boise, and I had really learned so much, and I wasn\’t even doing the nursing things!

  5. Katie, Katie, Katie —  I just saw the new ER that you\’re doing your casptone in — WOW!!!  It is amazing enough that it could be used to film a TV show or a fancy Hollywood movie!!  The ER is in the new part of the hospital and boy is it beautiful!!  You won\’t just love being in the ER…you get to work in a brand spanking new ER!!  I\’d say it probably could even BEAT Menorah — and besides, goodbye HCA! 🙂

  6. Thanks guys! Isis is jumping out of happiness! Or maybe she\’s chasing a feather attached to a string….  😉

  7. Way to go on the ED clinical! Ultimately I want to do emergency medicine… and would die for a clinical in the ED. Good luck, you\’ll have the greatest experience. Nothing better than getting yourself immersed in so many things at once.

  8. Woohoo!  Didn\’t you mention once that you wanted to work in an ER?  This gives you a perfect opportunity to find out if its for you.

  9. I read you blogs backwards today..I normally go from oldest to newest..not today!
    Don\’t even sweat 8 days in management clincials and not getting to learn how to start and IV. Your going to get the BEST  crash course in the ER. You will be a pro by the time you leave…any fears, dobuts or questions will be answered by the time you leave. Not to mention you will leave with skills, technique and little secrets about how to do something that most nurses never learn anywhere else but the ER!
    Enjoy your clincals while you have them…cause once you start your Capstone..your not going to have time to worry about stupid nursing management!
    Just remember to drink fluids, eat small frequent meals when possible and keep your teeth brushed! Amazing how brushing your teeth can give you an extra boost of energy!

  10. Hi Katie,
    That is so cool that you will get to work in the ER for your last clinical.  I bet you are nervous but so excited at the same time. 
    That is one aspect of my clinicals in radiography that I am nervous for, ER/Trauma.  Preliminary (or scout) x-rays are usually one of the first things docs need when they are evaluating a pt when they come into the ER so us x-ray techs have to be Johny-on-the-spot with our positioning and get everything imaged as fast as we can.  I am looking more forward to the OR where things are slower and more controlled and you can really work on perfecting your technique. 
    Anyway, we all are looking forward to some of the great stories you will have after your next rotation.  I am sure they will be a lot more "stimulating" than your experiences in the Leadership and Management rotation you are on now. 🙂
    Good luck.
    Desert Imaging

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