Dallas nurses?

Can any of you recommend good North Dallas hospitals to work at when I graduate in two months?  Are there any hospitals I should avoid?

Also, just in case you didn’t notice, they changed my site address. I’m sure they will redirect you if you type in the old one, but just in case, you might want to bookmark this new one.


9 thoughts on “Dallas nurses?

  1. yes i\’m finding that this new msn spaces thing is giving me errors all the time. BEWARE of the spaces change. Sometimes change is good and maybe when the bugs are worked out it will be but right now it\’s not so good. and by not so good i mean i didn\’t even type this that\’s how bad it is! :o)

  2. I\’m not too sure which ones are good or not…I have friends who live there and may know of some.  I\’ll look into it.

  3. I can\’t recommend any hospitals… sorry.
    Good luck in your last two months though.  You sound severely stressed by your instructors/curriculum/exams etc.  Don\’t forget to take some breaks.

  4. The MSN transition hasn\’t been as bad as I expected, though it\’s messing with everyone\’s photo albums from what I\’ve seen.  For entertainment, I\’ve been blog walking, checking out the pictures and reading the descriptions down below.  Since the pictures and descriptions don\’t match (i.e., "Mike water skiing" is actually some poor guy being ill over a commode), some of it turns out quite funny….you should try it to reduce your stress level.  Good luck with the next two months!

  5. My friend works at Baylor Grapevine.  She loves it there!  She does that 12 hr day thing (3 days per week??) something like that so she can spend more time with her daughter.  She works in the Cardiac Intensive Care area.  I know she had a great deal of offers around the area before deciding on Grapevine.  The Baylor system is huge and with all the expansion going on north of Dallas – Frisco, Allen, Plano, etc that might not be a bad place to start especially if you are wanting not to being in the tarrant county area.  I am trying for the TCU Accelerated (May 2007 start) and Traditional (Jan 2007) programs, and since I will hopefully be going into the military after school I will not have to worry about this for a while.  But, if I did have to job hunt I would go Baylor Grapevine – but that is just me.   Hope it helps.  OH, nice cat hair cut!!  :oD  You did a great job – just think of it as a summer cut because of the heat.

  6. I might be relocating to the Dallas area and I\’ve been researching schools there. I visit allnurses.com and its a great forum for nurses, nursing students etc. there is a thread there that talks about dallas hospitals.  http://allnurses.com/forums/f175/dallas-hospitals-149392.html i would have used the insert link option but its not available. i\’ve had to get to your page through aol. ie keeps getting an error on every space i visit. there\’s also a thread about salaries. god luck finding a job!

  7. I do not know of any good Dallas hospitals…BUTT…I know of a good New Mexico Hospital!!!! CHEESE!!!!!
    One in Albuquerque is a really good hospital.
    Have I told you I am from Albuquerque!!!! HEHEHEHEHEHE

  8. I don\’t know how it is to work there but I have checked out their critical care program and it sounds pretty good……Parkland Charity Hospital…..it\’s huge….If nothing else I\’m sure you would get alot of good experience there.

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