We have a few instructors who are truly wonderful people.
Unfortunately, they should not be nursing instructors. We have had these two
instructors for the last few weeks who are both community nurses. Talking to
either of them one-on-one, you can tell how friendly and caring they really
are. But when they get up in front of the class, they have no idea how to teach
a group of accelerated nursing students. Instead of having lecture these last
two weeks, they have tried to have lots of group discussions. When I say
"group discussions" I really mean that we all sit there and listen to
two of our classmates as they share their stories. We were
supposed to have a lecture on handling a disaster. To be honest, it is incredibly
hard to listen to anyone hired by our school as they talk about disaster
management because obviously our school cannot handle their own disaster- their
faculty, administration, and curriculum. So already having one strike against
her, the instructor started class by asking, "Who here has been in a
natural disaster?" Now, if this were just a show of hands type question, I
wouldn’t be upset. But she actually had students spend ten or fifteen minutes
of class talking about the natural disasters they have witnessed. Is knowing
that Vicki was in a tornado going to help me triage my patients if I am ever in
this situation!? Every one of our lectures over the past two weeks has been run
this way. Our lecture on being a nurse manager basically consisted of questions
such as, "What qualities make someone a good leader?" Every response
given by the students was "correct." How is this educational? Maybe
it’s just my personality, but I need facts and answers to learn things, not
just group discussions where nothing gets accomplished. This left me with two
options: lose what is left of my sanity, or skip class. I’m not going to incriminate myself by saying that I skipped class, but I will just say that these new jeans look much better on me than a straight jacket would. 


7 thoughts on “Instructors

  1. My argument to go along with your frustration (more about last week\’s lectures) is that discussing what I think a leader\’s profile consists of was not of any value on the test!!  As a matter of fact, the "obvious" leader did not possess any of the "correct" qualities on the test…..Grrr!

  2. Hi Katie,
    Just stopping by to catch up and say HI. Thanks for the prerequisite advise, I\’ll have A&P and Nutrition this fall. The microbiology diet plan will be second semester. 🙂
    You\’re almost done! Great job on the HESI exam!  Have a good week!

  3. Hey Katie….cute jeans 😉
    I am very sympathetic because this is something that drives me nuts!  I love to hear personal stories, but come on!  I didn\’t just pay a huge amount of money for this type of "lecture"….nor did I pay this amount of money to plan out my family\’s meal menu for the week or write out my grocery list.  What\’s next….cutting coupons during my lecture? 
    Hang in there Katie, it\’s almost over!!! 
    Thanks for the laughs!

  4. GRR! I can understand why you are so frustrated!  Perhaps the next time you find yourself in another discussion, you can raise your hand and ask the instructor a question, like "have you ever had to help people after a natural disaster, if so, what was it like…".  I mean the best part about having these real life nurses instructing you is to take advantage of their experiences. 
    Graduation is almost around the corner, try to hang in! 

  5. Do you now feel stupider having sat through everyone\’s life story about natural disasters. I hate that kind of stuff!
    Shut people! Lets learn the curriculum and get the hell out of here. I have no desire to learn about your stupid life!
    I am a big meanie and would have stood up and said this or asked the instructors point blank how everyone elses natural disaster experience was going to help me?
    I hate stupid people!!! There is no vacine against them!!

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