Are you serious?

I find myself making the same promise after every single
test that I take: I will never do the assigned reading again. And yet the
weekend before each test, I end up reading every single assigned page. This
leads to an extreme amount of frustration when the test questions are poorly
worded or just plain ridiculous and there is no difference in scores between
the students who did the reading and those who did not do the reading. So why
do I keep doing the reading? I’m not sure, but it probably has something to do
with the same insanity that led me to an accelerated nursing program. Anyway,
after every test I leave angry that I wasted my entire weekend reading. This
morning’s test was no different, and it put me in a bad mood for the rest of
the day. A few hours after the test, we were given the details about a large
community project that we have to complete by next Thursday. Everything seemed
overwhelming but acceptable until the instructor got to the last page of the
instructions, where it stated that we would evaluate our group members on their
participation. At first this seemed like a great idea- I have worked with
several people to whom I would gladly give a zero for their lack of
participation. The catch, however, is that we had to actually RANK the people
in our group. The top person would get 15 points (the project is worth 100
points total), the second best 14 points, etc. Our group has 11 people!! This
means that whoever we put last would automatically have a B as the highest
possible score for the project. Are you serious? What an idiotic idea!!
Remember, one of our classmates was kicked out for being 0.01% too low, so
every point really does matter! Being the calm and respectful class that we
are, we all started arguing with the instructor. People were shouting their
objections to this grading plan and it was a chaotic scene. While I was sitting
there listening to everyone argue with the teacher, something suddenly clicked
in my mind. I raised my hand and said, "According to the assigned reading
for the class on successful managing practices, an evaluation system requiring
people to be ranked against their peers can be detrimental to group
cohesion." The smirk on the instructor’s face was priceless. She slowly
started nodding her head as my classmates started clapping and cheering. Well,
we will no longer be using the ranking system, and for the first time I can
actually say that doing the reading has paid off!


16 thoughts on “Are you serious?

  1. YAY!  Something paid off and they actually listened.  That is funny. 
    I hear MSN is doing upgrade or something to jack everyone up starting Wed and could screw everything up for awhile.  If it does, I\’ll get back to ya as soon as I can.
    : ) sue

  2. Unbelievable!!  I also spent almost all weekend studying (not necessarily reading every page, but studying nonetheless) and was even more angry to have gotten a worse score than most of the class!!  At least you did decent — and that comment in class was WAY worth the effort!!  The good news — only one more test from them!  The bad news — if I don\’t do well on that test, I just might get kicked out for the 0.01%….I\’ll be praying EXTRA hard this week!  Then again, I haven\’t failed a test yet!

  3. Haha!  It sounds like she had that coming.  I\’m glad you won that battle.  That ranking system sounds horrific.

  4. Maybe the point of the evaluation method was to see if someone was paying attention to the lesson?  And you were!

  5. What I would have given to see the look on your instructor\’s face when you threw the reading back in his/her face…score 1 for you!

  6. I was going to mention you and another fellow jayhawker, but wasn\’t sure if you wanted anyone know something as specific as that!  Note to self:  Add addendum
    I remember for years we thought it was probably urban legend, but it turned out to be true.
    : ) Sue

  7. Congratulations on your test! You know, with the test-taking talents that you have, you ought to write a book. Seriously! I\’ve heard of abilities like that, like strategies how to do multiple choice or Jeopardy questions, and I think a lot of people would pay to hear someone like you who knows how to explain these things. Think how you would clean up at SAT time!
    I\’ve been here before, but never told you how much I enjoy your blog. Real-life stuff, and funny too, like today. You are going to be one of those nurses that people remember throughout their lives.
    (Oh, if you want a ghostwriter for the book, you can call…)
    Abe Munder, the Wheeled Wonder

  8. "You go girl!" see the reading pays off, sometimes just not as expected : P
    Congrats on yer test scores too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    woohoo : ) hugs Kat

  9. WOOHOO good for you Katie….!!! you are so smart…. s-m-r-t!! :o)
    I bet you felt brilliant after that! Ahhhh gotta love when something just clicks in your head… 🙂

  10. one last one i promise…..
    actually it sounds like the teacher would have gone through with it if you did not say what you did. but at the same time i think she was waiting for it and didn\’t want to have to use the ranking system. just by the fact that she smirked, she could of been testing you all to see if you really do read and what you really know. now she knows who the best nurse will be out of your whole class….. you! be proud katie! 🙂

  11. AMEN!!!!
    Don\’t you just love it when you can rub a teachers face in something! Such a great feeling!
    Keep up the good work. Your fantasic at it!!!

  12. See, it pays to be attentive and read all the fine print!!!  You go girl!  You just saved yourself and the entire class a major pain in the butt assignment!  What a brilliant instructor for creating such a useful learning lesson….I bet she doubted that anyone read that part!!!  Haa haa! 

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