No hablo español

My mom is in charge of a large garage sale at her church. There are several high school volunteers who work at the sale, one of whom is fluent in Spanish. Last week a Spanish-speaking man asked my mom a question. She could figure out what he was asking, but did not know how to reply in Spanish, so she motioned for him to wait for her while she went to find the Spanish-speaking volunteer. She found him and said, "I need your help, please come with me." He followed her over to the man. My mom said to the volunteer, "Please tell this man that we can deliver the furniture to his house tomorrow." The volunteer stood there for a moment, looked at my mom, looked over at the man, and then said in fluent English, "We can deliver the furniture to your house tomorrow." The volunteer looked back at my mom with a confused look on his face, which is when she realized that she had grabbed the Spanish-speaking volunteer’s younger brother, who apparently was not fluent in Spanish.

4 thoughts on “No hablo español

  1. That\’s awesome!!  I am just cracking up thinking about what I would have done if it was me that your mom asked to deliver this message.  Hmm — I\’m guessing the man probably resembled a Spanish-speaking man + his brother is the translator = duh!
    All in all — I\’m so thankful for such dumb moments (especially when I\’m not the dumb one!)  I am easily entertained, but sometimes need a reason to laugh!

  2. Sounds like you\’re meeting and overcoming all your challenges.  That\’s awesome.  I appreciate your comments on my space…I\’m learning to deal with my difficult time, albeit slowly.  What I didn\’t mention, and you\’ll be the first to know, is that the accident resulted in a fatality.  And though the accident was the other drivers fault it has been difficult for me to accept and understand.  Prayer helps tons. Thanks again for stopping in.

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