Surviving the prereqs

All nursing programs have prerequisites. These are classes
you have to take before starting the actual nursing program, and while some of
them apply directly to nursing, many of them don’t. Here are some tips on how
to get through these courses:

Microbiology ~ Think of this class as a new diet. Trust me, after seeing the
things that grow off of a swab from even fresh food, everything in your refrigerator
will be disgusting.
Anatomy & Physiology ~ Use flashcards and websites such as to help you learn the material. Every once in awhile, allow
yourself a few minutes to sit back and think about how fascinating our bodies
really are. When you take on this attitude, the class can actually be
Chemistry ~ Watch CSI every week. Once in awhile, you will recognize something
that they say or do in the lab, and it will make you feel like you actually
learned something.
Religion ~ Pay attention in this class. You will be praying a lot in nursing
school for God to help you hold on to your sanity!
Texas History ~ Texas is the only
state I know of that requires students to take a state-specific history course.
The solution? Don’t go to school in Texas.
Nutrition ~ Just in case the Micro diet doesn’t work, taking this course will
help you realize how unhealthy you really are.
Pathophysiology ~ Try not to diagnose yourself with everything you learn about!
Psychology ~ You will finally understand what is wrong with all of your friends.


10 thoughts on “Surviving the prereqs

  1. Thanks for the list. I have yet to come up with the first official semester of classes… but I have an idea after researching it on the website. I still have to fail miserably at my math placement, and then be humiliated by an academic advisor because I am Math Retarded.
    Side note on:
    "Pathophysiology ~ Try not to diagnose yourself with everything you learn about!"
    I found this to be so true through all of A&P in medical assisting school. During cardiovascular… I thought I had chest pains. During the senses… I developed this god awful eye twitch… for.the.entire.semester.  I need to get over that self-diagnosis stuff. Thanks for the list and the insight.

  2. My friends and I found we were diagnosing ourselves daily with something new and then we made the rule that if we truly wanted to say we had something we had to present ourselves at lunch complete with symptoms and that if we did indeed have said pathology what would our course of action be? My nursing program actually has all those courses inclusive, so it seems like I spend a lot of my time at nursing school doing non-nursing stuff. kind of a drag actually.
    After all is said and done, how do you feel your new knowledge of the state of Texas has improved your ability to care for your patients?

  3. I wish I could crash!!!!  lol!!!  Maybe after commenting here, I\’ll take a little snooze while Scooter\’s sleeping…  *yaaaawn*  Oh golly…  Oh–and I\’ve never had sour cream when I was expecting yogurt…  but I think I\’m glad about that…  lol

  4. Georgia too! I am currently being forced to take a course in Georgia history and constitution. Am not sure exactly how intimate knowledge regarding the burning down of Atlanta by Sherman will make me a better nurse, but I am thinking it\’s just another hoop. Anyone wanna watch me jump?

  5. It\’s good to see that i wasn\’t the only one who took a much needed break. Specially since summer is creeping up and school is finished things are starting to slow down at work  only to speed up with home life! BBQ\’s, swimming, weekends, shopping, cleaning, soccer, family…. etc…. so hard to fit it in. So i enjoy those times when i stay inside and do absolutely nothing, even if it is the best weather we\’ve ever had in bazillions of years.
    Whenever you are stumped for an answer with one of your patients, recite some good ole texas history!! Maybe that\’s what it was for!! hahahahahaha have a good one!

  6. This couldn\’t have come at a better time! I am currently taking Microbiology & Chemistry – and was panicking a little. If I am having this much FUN (read: I\’d rather have a cavity filled w/o novicane) learning about protozoa or peptidoglycan molecules, what is going to happen when I start the Nursing program? I am so glad to know this isn\’t what it\’s all about. I have to say Thank you, Katie, for letting us into your day to day life in Nursing school. I am reading what ever I can get my hands on to expose myself to what I have in store for me, but I think your blog is so much more practical, realistic, & fun than some of the books I\’ve read! I don\’t know how you keep up with it & your school work. Sounds like you\’re going to make a great nurse! Keep up the good work!

  7. Interesting list of classes. I personally like the chemistry one.
    I took most of the chem\’s 100\’s and even two 200\’s in a private college, but…
    They teach almost the same darn stuff in elementary school now. So, all of those elementary school students go with their bad selves. It\’s really quite interesting to see the average elem school student- and how much they know of chemistry and things such as the periodic table.

  8. Bet the history of Wyoming and it\’s constitution was far more boring!  At least you have tales of the Alamo!!!

  9. I can totally relate to the classes you described.  I have taken most of them over the past two semesters and will begin nursing school in August.  You always make me laugh and I enjoy reading about someone going trough something similar that I will be soon.  Thanks!!

  10. Pre-reqs can be a pain in the behind!! I\’m halfway through mine and actually enjoyed General Psychology, Developmental Psychology and Sociology. I am truly fascinated with the human body and how things work. Didn\’t care much for English Comp. I or Comp. II and was really, really glad when those were over!! Saved the hard classes for last LOL .. might not be the best thing to do, but I\’ll soon find out if it was or not. My math skills stink and am really not looking forward to those classes. Thankfully I\’ve got a live in tutor – hubby! 🙂
    I\’m really looking forward to being an RN. My grandmother on my Dad\’s side was a nurse many years ago and my sister has been one for about 4 years now. I have three daughters and two of them are talking about being nurses as well.
    Good luck to you, Katie. I wish you all the best!!!!

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