You know..

You know it’s time to get a new couch when you find yourself giving
your old one monthly "haircuts" to get rid of all the loose strings.

You know it’s worth the effort to find
your glasses before attempting to eat breakfast when you accidentally
grab the sour cream instead of the yogurt. When you’re blind they look
the same, but definitely do not taste the same.

You know you shouldn’t quit nursing school to become a pet groomer when you make your parents’ cat look like this:


8 thoughts on “You know..

  1. Wow.. Looks like I\’m the first to comment. Are you sure that\’s now my couch for when I first moved out on my own?? Looks just like it.  Yummy sour cream for breakfast..Funny as always Katie!!
    I\’m going to read your other entries that I have missed.
    Have a blessed day!

  2. hahahaha couch haircut!!! I do those to my son\’s jeans as they are always fraying at the bottom. :o) Nice cat picture… did you blow dry? 😉
    I guess grabbing the sour cream is pretty bad, but what about not paying attention and making yourself this wicked sandwhich and you are all hungry and stuff and half way through realise that the bread is all MOLDY! BLECH!!!!
    hahahahaha have a great day Nurse Katie… or very soon to be!! :o)

  3. So funny that you put that cat picture on there — I just cut my dog\’s hair today for the first time!!  We\’ll see what Daniel says when he gets home — that will be the true test of my talent!  The way I figure it\’s okay is that at least I lighted her load since she\’s had a winter cut for all of these hot days!  But I think I\’ll stick with nursing school — cutting hair (canines or otherwise) has never been a dream of mine!
    Maybe tomorrow you can try yogurt on a baked potato!!
    And as for the sofa…we have yet to purchase a new living room set!  We ended up buying a used sofa and chair about a year ago and although it\’s in fine condition, I\’d really love to have something new!  Maybe once we get real jobs, we can consider spending a couple dollars on anything!
    Hope you\’re enjoying your days off!!

  4. Well…I do love sour cream…but for breakfast…Ummm..NO!
    That is a great mistake! Very funny to the rest of us..not to you once you put it in your mouth though! Surprised..Im sure you were!
    Last week I sat down on the couch to put my shoes on before going running and I picked up "A"s glass thinking it was water! The liquid was clear for pete\’s sake! It was not water but rather invisible Kool Aid..raspberry to be exact and "A" makes his Kool Aid with two packages of Kool Aid and 1/3 cup sugar for both packages! SOUR!!!! NASTY CRAP!!!!  The face I must have made! "A" laughed for hours at me!
    Ahhh…the long sleeves. Personally I think they do it hoping to kill the contestants! Long sleeves with a collar is considered western attire.  For a full rodeo you are required to wear western attire. For some jackpots..where they only do that one event..most of the time you are allowed to wear what ever kind of shirt you want.
    Hope your having a good week!

  5. Ha ha!  I totally sympathize with the couch story!  I just had mine cleaned professionally and it looks so much better but while moving it one leg fell off and I found three holes!!!!  AND…someone in my home colored on it with crayons AND permanent marker!
    On another note, how many hours do you study a day???  I\’m trying to establish a routine and each instructor suggested 2-3 hours a day.  Humm, 4 classes X 2 hrs???? Plus classtime, housework, children, showering…oh I see, forget about sleep and everything will work out!?!?

  6. Hey Katie,
    You can use a shaver, the kind that you use on people\’s heads to shave your couch. Works like a charm and is a bit faster than scissors. Love the cat pic

  7. OH my god – what did you do to that beautiful cat?!?! LOL
    Your blog never ceases to amaze me – I have no clue where you find the time to blog during nursing school!

  8. OMG that poor kitty : 0
    I hope its strictly indoor, if she/he goes outside he/she will be the laughing stock of the nieghborhood : P
    You r story about the Clown patient was very touching, I\’m sure yer pressence at that time was gift enuff,
    hugs Kat

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