We’re in this together

Our school sends us to hospitals all over the Kansas City area for our clinicals. We spend two weeks at each hospital, then move on to a new hospital with a different instructor. While this does have some benefits, such as seeing which hospitals we want to work for in the future, it does make clinicals extremely stressful. Once you start figuring out one hospital’s system and where everything is, you move on to the next one and feel lost all over again. At our last clinical rotation, there was a slight scheduling conflict on our first day. Another nursing school had a clinical group on the same floor as us, and there were only eight patients. This meant that there were sixteen nursing students sharing eight patients. The students from the other school were in their ninth week at this hospital, so they knew their way around. They were in their junior year, while my classmates and I have only three months left of school. You’d think that we would be the ones who knew what we were doing, but that was far from being the case. These students knew their stuff! At first it was intimidating sharing a patient with someone younger and smarter, but within minutes, we all realized that this could actually be a wonderful experience. These students were patient, friendly, and actually taught us things that we didn’t know. They could have rubbed our ignorance in our faces or showed us up to make themselves look good, but they didn’t. They reaffirmed the message that I have been getting from you guys since I started this site: we are all in this together, and we will somehow get through!

5 thoughts on “We’re in this together

  1. I wish this was the attitude in my (NAHA) class right now.  Perhaps it is just me, but…..I don\’t know anyone really well in my class.  Everyone has a buddy or group that they get along with.  Now, in this class you have to get up and personal with your classmate to learn techniques…so finally I met a sweet young lady who became my partner for the day.  How did you (or anyone else out there) handle situations like this one? Any suggestions?  I\’m not shy, but I\’m not a social butterfly either!

  2. It\’s good to hear that there is WAY MORE good nurses coming out soon…. so happy…. :o)
    How you doing anyways, knowing that it\’s ALMOST over? Have you thought much about it? hahahaha Are there finals to write or is that all done now?

  3. awesome teamwork, because you\’re right it isn\’t a competition and we learn so much more if we share the knowledge.
    DandDsmommie: my suggestion is to you is to with great confidence show them what you got! once your classmates see that you have the stuff they will all be clamouring to be your partner, worked for me

  4. That is great!  Do you do clinicals at hospitals that are all in the same \’system\’?  or do you get to go others such as SMMC?  Just curious.  I\’m going to try to go see Vanita tomorrow, but DQ has Reece tomorrow and I have to \’supervise\’ the visit *groan*.  I will get down there if it kills me!
    : )  Sue

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